It’s been busy a lot lately and I’m not in the mood to update my blog…
Today I wanna tell you about free energy that I been discovered lately. It’s more to a capacitor and finally once assembles and complete it will generate a lot of free electrical energy to be used without any input from our electric company or electric provider.

As we all know about capacitor consist of 2 plates with negative on one side and positive on the other side. These 2 plates were separated by electrolytic material (or air gap) to increase the electrical energy to be hold. We must first charge the capacitor to store electrical energy inside.

Now, the idea is to charge up the 2 plate with positive one side and negative the other side. The gap between to plate then must be increase to 10x of the original gap. From normal calculation, the charge originally on each side of the plate will increase to the power of 2 each time the gap increase double the original length. How to explain eh..? Let us see the drawings below.

As we can see,
a) First picture show the capacitor plate had been charge and the gap length is l
b) Second picture shows the gap length had been increase 2l
c) Third picture shows the gap length had been increase 3l

Now the result is let say the first charge will be 100 coulombs.
a) The first picture we will get same 100 coulombs
b) The second picture, we will get 1000 coulombs
c) The third picture, we will get 100000000 coulombs.

Then the question is where the extra charge comes from? Don’t be silly, this mechanism was basically a charge pump in action. You must first terminate earth to the negative plate. As the length increase, the negative charge will be pump negative charge from earth and balance back the positive plate, as result both of the plate will increase in charge quantity. Then, just harvest the excessive charge that been develop. Store it inside normal battery for other usage.

How to build such a capacitor, mechanically or any other method to increase the length… I leave it all to my beloved reader to engineer and decide by yourself…. After all, I’m just a physicist, the one who will do the try and error of this method will be the engineer…