In the wrong lane in my life, after I push myself to the end of my designation in computer industries as maximum as Branch & Project Manager (till Aug 2006). Once I get no more challenge from others, I did lost my way of life which why I’m searching for more challenging environment as tough as oil & gas industries. To shift between industries, I must enter with minimum qualification and with basic experience only. For this purpose, I just accept any salary which was given to me without any rejection. I started up as Planning Assistant (in Nov 2006) in Oil & Gas Company with a minimum salary as fresh graduate person could ever get.

During my transition between industries period (between Aug 2006 till Nov 2006) , I was jobless for 3 month and during that time, I did push my brain to the maximum level that I could in physics research to get something genuine such as my original invention. Then I saw something that I could discuss more in this blog…

In physics, energy will be reserved and transition from one entity to another. There’s no energy that lost or vanish at all. But in this earth, once energy being converted to heat energy, there’s hard evidence that this energy will be convert back to another form of energy. Thanks to earth climate and reverse heat circulation climate makes the trapped heat being release back to outer space and stabilized the earth overall heat. Until one day every scientist talks about global warming and green gas. This earth is getting hotter now!

Then I got one idea from Peltier junction thermocouple. the phenomenon also knowns as Seebeck effect. Peltier thermocouples were made up from a small junction between copper and aluminum. This junction is so small, line up and sandwiches between thin ceramic plates. The entire junction will be link with small wire and once small electric current run through this junction, there’s a variance temperature between the ceramic plates which can be achieve nearly 50 degrees Centigrade (one side is hot and the other side is cold). Meaning, if we use mechanical fan to drop the hot side of temperature to 30 degrees Centigrade, means the cold side of Peltier thermocouples can reach up to -20 degree centigrade!

There’s a variance between thermoelectric couple (or Seebeck Effect) heat variance in between metals and this can be explain in various metal by the chart below.

My idea based on the layer of thermocouples is to expend to multiples of metals sandwich together and make large plates that can captures suns ray on the top with a stream of cold water running below. This idea can harness sun heat energy to make free electric.

This idea will be differed approach from Einstein Photovoltaic approach which using frequency of electromagnetic wave to make electric. Based on rough estimation, the sun’s ray consist of heat and electromagnetic waves from ultraviolet, visible light to infra red light. Einstein Photovoltaic (or commonly known as solar panel) only can harness less than 8% of sun’s ray to make electric. But this multiple Peltier plate actually can harness sun’s heat and infra red rays which can efficiently increase up to 78% of ray energy to electrical energy. Then we can put the electrical energy to a good used.
For me, Einstein black body experiment inside physics was actually wanted to convert wasted heat energy to electric. Instead he found method to easily convert heat to electrical energy, he did find Photovoltaic phenomenon! And his partner Max Plank then find Plank Constant based on the same black body experiment which is now used as standard Quantum Constant.

I need comment on this article so I can modify to a better explanation of heat to electrical energy conversion. Our target is, my beloved reader …if we can create a small device that on one side constantly maintain -20 degree centigrade and the other part will be a Standard Temperature Pressure (STP), once place this device in standard room temperature of 21 degree centigrade, this device will suck all heat around the room and convert to electrical energy which can be used for another device. At the same time that device will be a mini air conditioner which can make the room cool and cozy.
More to this device explanation and construction I will continue to another blog….