I’m not into detail of explaining my reverse engineering but I have some idea behind it. Mostly because of VSG (Viktor Stepanovich Grebennikov):

  • Using simplest form of construction which I need to think around 80’s what the common ‘cheap’ item to use and what possible material might work.
  • Possible generator or power supply that he use to activate his flying platform.
  • The wood plate that he uses is too thin to put most of known method of propulsion/flying.
  • Controlling method that been published, the Chinese Fan Blade, underneath his flying platform was not possible due to strict space underneath the wooden platform and funny angle that he show from his drawings.
  • The material that he use, of the famous blade, the design and other entity inside the box that attach the pole mostly questionable if we dig out from his book.

So my idea is consist of given point above, and I try to explain as we go along this publishment.

Mid 80’s construction.

I agreed that the wooden box was actually from, roughly rigid, old soviet microscope box with a dimension of 1’ x 2’ x 2”. And the thickness of each wood will be around ½” average.

My reverse engineering, wooden box was 8” x 16” x 1 ½” with thickness of 1/3” average. So my wooden platform was 4” smaller (from every angle) from original VSG flying plate. And this wooden plate was an electrical meter board, that in Malaysia, most likely around 80’s and 90’s still use for their electrical penal box. Nowadays, Malaysia board is using thin enclose metal box (sometime with lock) for better grounding and terminal protection.

two DSCF2850

The possible generator/power supply.

This is kind of tricky, because I need to take this idea into consideration first. Remember in 2nd July 2005, Stan Deyo giving some compelling fact (in his Ancient of Days #3) about UFO’s and antigravity. He did tell us about a story in late 50’s a guy in the air force did find antigravity. Below is some of his story.

“A navigator tells a story after handover a seal envelope to his friend a pilot, which inside envelope consists of the drawings and sketch of his antigravity experiment. In the drawing shows of three level of particle board, some washer, rod, and hook up to a frequency generator. When switch on – nothing happen.

But all of the sudden it lift off, and he amaze, the air underneath become a kind of grey jelly like. And then, he grabs a broom stick and start to play with the field. Afterward when he try to shut it down by disconnect the switch.

Unfortunately the circuit can’t shut down and continue on (with electric arc connected the circuit) until he use the same broom stick to check the field to smash the floating particle board and some huge electrical discharge going up and blast the nearby power transformer in the block.”

The other version that I read, just a few months ago, I found out that the person he refer (or the story kind of similar) and this person had a patent about his finding. And this person story as below.

“In 1967, he got some idea on figure out how Flying Saucer works, and he built a device and tests it in his garage. He built a small unit that can produce 150,000 Volt, thrown by the force field, create a loud bang, and blow his TV, his radio and a power transformer 150 pole from his resident.

And then he was call out on a business (maybe to be a navigator which continue on to Stan Deyo story), and when he gets back the squirrel was to blame (by the electric company) for the blown of the power transformer. The electric company fixes his TV and his radio because of the squirrel reason.

A few weeks later he achieve 500,000 volt with that device and all TV and radio around the neighborhood reported blinking and he goes around fixing the problems.”

Sound familiar? Coincident?  If only this was the same person, or the same event when been tell with different person, with 10 years off between the two insident date. This guy did explain the same story as Stan Deyo told based on a navigator story.

The good thing is this guy (he who not be named) did granted a US patent in 1978. After studies his patent, I think I know how his antigravity works and how this VSG antigravity platform should be work with the same princpal.

Too thin to put a rocket engine.

I try to fit anything to a wooden plate with thickness of 1 and a half inch, not possible. Even if I put high voltage coil, any controlling mechanism and even a stand of open close Chinese Fan small hinge also not successful, so I need to think of something out of the box, not in normal realm of standard physics.

The Chinese Fan – not an actual open and collapse fan.

After seeing VSG underneath picture, I conclude, for my personal reverse engineering, this was not a Chinese fan but rather a louver. The blind is not open and close in a single pole at all. But this blind is open and close (without collapsing) by each blind tilting from zero degree to 45 degree (maximum) in louver hinge like mechanism.

By making this blind (in zero degree) near the wooden box surface, the intensities of the rushing waves from upper atmosphere rushing through VSG and pushing the ground was high. And by tilting some of the blind up to 45 degree, these intensities of the rushing field will be gradually low and he began to land.

The left turn and right turn mechanism also depends on VSG controlling intensities of coordinated blind underneath his wooden platform.

right left turn

Still next to the question, I agree VSG using 4 point geometric pattern underneath his platform but where in the world he get this kind of pattern (in nature) anyway.

I know most probably, some of us did buy or use a powerful microscope, kill enough bug to check and understand how they fly by VSG CSE principal.

Well, VSG did tell the principal (in fragment) inside his book, and I think most of us just tend to ignore it.

Inside VSG book.

I did discuss with Francesco (my friend from Italy) about the c-shaped capacitor that may have some resemble to the picture in VSG book like:

  • His underneath plate (I highlight one of its plate)


  • His picture of ground bee (I highlight the c-shape cavity that VSG referring to)

honey bee

I think that both of this drawings shows that VSG using c-shape capacitor in his flying platform

As shown as below


His controlling method

I already notice that VSG have 4 perpendicular point of blade underneath his flying plate and can be notice in blow up picture below.

As shown as below


Now this design will be seen in my prototype below

  • The original design

theree DSCF2855

  • This will be the overall arrangement & design inside the wooden platform


  • The complete arrangement (based on my reverse engineering terminology) would looks like.

two DSCF2850

Although these reverse engineering still not finish, but the construction wise currently at 20%.

More to be completed soon and will publish more in future.