I think most of my fellow reader will ask, if this guy know so much about human physiology and how the brain function, let alone a lot of publishment about how to increase brain function, if we are born dumb, sorry to say that out loud, did not include TCDS in his review.

Well, I was getting to but, TCDS if compare with other type of brain function pill review was relatively new to the world, even this technology was develop around early 1900, it was use for crazy person, not to increase intellectual of a normal person.

So I personally getting some time to review it personally, from reading, developing the devices and then, make myself as human test subject expose to that device.

After 4 month later, because I started to test it from around end of December 2012, I’m now ready to share this information to the world.

For quick introduction, TCDS or Trans-Cranial Direct-Current Stimulation was a device, using low voltage electric current, around 1.25volt or less, and have output of less than 1 miliampere of direct current stimulate on skin surface of our head.

Take it as acupuncture for brain, using low current and voltage DC electric as extra stimulation, to stimulate brain, or massage the brain, to get what you want like, extra memory function, extra processing power, extra of what brain would do, which it normally doesn’t.

I did test it, in crude form, and I use postman rubber band, (the big one) to put around my head and use the probe, to stimulate my brain.

My favorite ‘acupuncture’ point at my head is T3 (cathode) and T4 (Anode) for savant learning and FP2 (cathode) and FP1 (anode) for extra memory. Well, at first I thought it was my belief that this thing work. But later, after each session of 25 minutes, I feel that this thing not just increasing my productivity but continue on giving me extra perception of idea.

Most of ‘savant learning’ does is detailing up each task into much higher accuracy which I could not achieve without it.

For extra memory, it does help, but because I use 1mA of current, that was too high, I cannot use it for long.

The probe that I use , more towards ‘direct-probe’ which will directly touch my skin with its multiple point of metal blunt needle, it’s not hurting me but as I use high current of 1mA, this probe did burn my skin after 25 minutes of use.

I think, direct probe did burn my skin in many occasion, so alternatively, I use wet kitchen tissue, split it in half for each probe, as pad, in between the probe and my skin. Only by that way, my skin is not burn and I can use it for longer period of time, let say, during my work task.

Because this device that I made is in its infancies, most of my colleague, my managers, and my bosses, did notice this device, all the wires gone to my head, the headband, while I trying to complete my task in front of my laptop, and they can’t help to ask “what is that thing at your head?”.

Then, I was just ended up explaining to them about TCDS, what this device capable and good for, and amongst other thing, I need to explain that I’ve been into this research almost 4 month and now is the phase of testing on human subject.

Most of them reply, very interesting and need to know the result soon. And some of them just say, be careful, all the wires and electrical circuit seems like dangerous.

During my test, I did encounter some minor spasm, more like contraction on the back or side neck if I move my head after more than 15 minutes into this stimulation. And after complete session of 25 minutes, I did notice that the effect can continue on for almost 4 to 6 hours afterward. And this means, only 25 minutes of wire and all, and near full days of memory or savant learning effect.

The downside of this device is, because of no current controlled knob, I use exposure duration as my limit of stimulation, means, the more current I need, the longer the session are, and the less current I need, the shorter duration of the session are.

And other additional thing that I encounter is, what should I call it anyway, ‘a flip-flop after effect’ on decision, as example, after each session, I take a chocolate bar out of the fridge, unwrap it, and I should throw away the wrap into dustbin, instead I throw away the wrap, I did throw away the chocolate into the dustbin. This only occur if I continue to think about a task (during my session) while doing other new task (without focus on the new task) and do it twice as fast from normal without TCDS interference. Means, if it’s a new task, I do it in normal speed, and focus on the new task rather than the old one, this problem will not happen at all.

I also think that, if let say we use ‘memory’ stimulation, after 25 minutes, I continue on ‘savant learning’ stimulation, TCDS was not helping to get both, it only helping to get on the current session only.

Previously I did think about make a multiple probe to my head, stimulate different section of my head, to make average or multi capability of my brain, now seems impossible task. I think, it was because, our brain use different section to different task, to activate overall to a specific task not heighted the brain power, means, TCDS, for certain task, only can use on certain probe location only.

So for this infancy review, I can conclude:

  • To hide the device into smaller device and the probe to be installed on a normal design baseball cap, so while using it, nobody will notice that I actually increase my brain power.
  • Seems the idea of lowering the ampere from 1mA is a good idea and can use it longer stimulation session, so maybe putting a knob is not a bad idea after all.
  • And this knob idea also reduces spasm that I encounter with 1mA, or each time I turn my neck. (this neck spasm thing just occur in first 15 minutes of each session ended, not a permanent thing)
  • Multiple probes so far is a bad idea, but I did read a development of High Definition Probe to exactly specify region point of each task, even it was still in a specific task, for now, just stick with one task only as solution to each problem.

One thing I can share for this publishment is, if I use savant learning session to complete my task, during completing that task I explore until minor detail available to get things right, once complete that task and that session, if anyone ask me about how I did complete the task? Well, the answer will be too detail until all of my managers and bosses just skip ahead and say, well you know what you’d doing, and I hope you can explain all of this to others that understand what you talking about.

In that case, I can conclude, TCDS did help me completing a complex task, and at the same time, make other that yourself impress on the level of detail that you know to complete it.

I leave a link of TCDS research from all over the world, in means of ‘savant learning’ that I did mention throughout this blog.