When I’m at Bintulu, a lot of things I did discovered. A good things is, you can officially do extreme experiment without any law that govern you there of doing those things. Back in Semenanjung Malaysia, everything got license, must registered with other government body and a lot of law that you need a lot of approval before doing something… sometimes I think, I wanted to go back to Bintulu and do whatever experiment I wanted without any disturbance.

I’m a very happy man back at Bintulu, a lot of friends and most of the weekend; we spend our happy hour at karaoke and live band. Surely that required a lot of money and my salary actually cannot support my happening life at all….
So, I did force my brain to look for any chances in life that I can make money with a small device that I can built at home…so I did…

One day I saw a patent approved Apr 2008 by Dr. Joe Champion, The link you can get it from below;

Method of producing mutant Microbes Useful for Precious metal and Bioenergy Production.

What did I do with this patent? Simple…(what I tell you below actually not telling inside the patent but the idea still there)

You need to prepare the crucial ingredient, the pure silver dust. The method will be explained below;

1) Buy yourself a 925 sterling silver. Mostly silver necklace, silver ring or silver pendant.
2) Get yourself 1 liter of 70% nitric acid. This chemical that I tell you not a good item to buy in Semenanjung. The license will kill you to have one…
3) Put the 925 sterling silver into 70% nitric acid (only 100ml of it or depend on weight of silver that you have) and let the silver melt. Careful of the vapor which may suffocate you in the process (Nitric Oxide will kill you if you did inhale one). Please do this at open air area.
4) Once the silver melt, we have Silver Nitrate solution and the solution will turn light blue which shows indication of Copper II Nitrate. Copper actually remaining of 7.5% balance of 92.5% of the 925 silver. I did mention of getting 100% pure silver right..?
5) That Silver Nitrate (and of course Copper II Nitrate inside), just put pure copper wire inside the Silver Nitrate solution. This pure copper wire often sell at electrical hardware store (of course I buy it at Bintulu city in kilogram, I did actually find one shop there that sell it by kilogram). Once you put copper wire inside the Silver Nitrate solution, there’s a secondary vapor of nitric oxide that poisonous and please be careful!
6) The residue of 100% of pure silver will be remaining at bottom and you can dilution it with pure water or saline water. This saline water you can buy at Guardian store.
7) Then, filter out the 100% pure silver as the grain of 100% pure silver actually in micro bead in size.
‘8) Get ready the powder of 100% pure silver in another beaker for next stage of the patent requirement…

Next stage will be explained inside my next blog… hopefully my beloved reader will follow up on this blog post…