I’ve buy mine (starter pack which cost me around RM95) to test e-cig. Last time I did have e-cig (the cheap one) but broken which eventually leads me to stick with real cigarette.

In comparison of real cigarette (mine is Dunhill), e-cig, nicotine patch and nicotine lozenges, there will be some different but still do the same job as I will discuss in this blog publishment.

Firstly, my body was indeed addicted to nicotine. As nicotine triggers the level of dopamine, which is essential to my creativity and different way of thinking, I do need the boost of nicotine in my blood around two hour relapses.

As traditionally, I smoke real cigarette heavily, after almost 10 to 12 years, the real cigarette slowly take toll to my health. Once I have baby, the needed to smoke become more but at the same time must be separated to avoid second hand smoke to my baby. So, I try alternative method like using nicotine lozenges, but these things better in helping me if I want to quit smoking and separate me from getting nicotine on my blood.

The thing is, I want to get nicotine, not stop getting it. Nicotine lozenges also have one downside like, if you started to take it (mostly a big chunk of pills) you will wait until it melt in your mouth until its gone, or else, when you speak, it seems like you taking sweet while talking to somebody which in some traditions, will be un-appropriate.

Next method is using nicotine patch, which like having nicotine lozenges, but not in your mouth. I see something different when I’ve using one which sometime you cannot control the intake except by cutting the patch into smaller pieces and stick it again.

Sometime, the same patch can be reuse with lower doses which (not preferred by the manufacture) will cut the cost of buying it in the first place. And some other time, the used-patch placed all over my bathroom, which I planning to re-use, and I keep on buying stock at pharmacy.

Even it was good in most of the criteria, in supplying nicotine to my blood, it was itchy and you will have remaining glue stick to your skin which sometime not easily to remove.

Then I try e-cig, Vivi Nova, currently in starter pack….

It was flawless at first when I try to use HangSen (HS) E-liquid, but when I mix some flavor without brand name from Jalan Pasar & Danau Kota, I started to feel the overdose of nicotine punch….

After that I try change back to HangSen (HS) brand with some mix of hi-nicotine no brand flavor to balance up the nicotine punch then it was balance again in my blood.

Now, I did heard that Malaysian Government try to banned the import of e-liquid for e-cig, it was devastated news for me because it will make this e-cig liquid goes expensive…

In my opinion, the banned issue was because Malaysian Government cannot enforce tax to this e-liquid like normal cigarette, nicotine patch and lozenges.

The good thing is, one day, the Government will lift out the banned with single source (maybe multiple) supplier of e-liquid and this e-liquid will come with taxed price…

Means, some day, e-liquid will be controlled items and from the original price of RM15 for 11ml will goes to RM21 to RM36 after tax (because currently tobacco tax in 2012 was 68.57%).

And I’m not sure there will be illegal smuggling of e-liquid in Malaysian Law in the future…

I hope not…please….

To smoke e-cig was like mas-tur-bate instead of the ‘real thing’…but still feels like the same thing if you can imagine the ‘real thing’ in your mind….at least you ‘pretending’ to feel it…

Good luck on somebody new who want to try & test the e-cig…and by the way, the starter pack may cost you fortune, but it was worth it if you start to feel comfortable with it….