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I’ve been into Modafinil for almost 2 weeks now and my newborn baby going to 2 month and 5 days. She in my home now at Kuala Lumpur for almost 2 weeks and I please to tell my fellow reader that Modafinil actually help me to balance my sleep and wake up time like a miracle.

I can tell you all that Modafinil come at the right time and the right moment of my life.

Yes, the idea of taking Modafinil comes from the movie “Limitless” – which is a story of an average person, pops up a pill and become genius, rich and powerful. I know that this story quite related to the person who taking meth (ice/shabu), but one question did raised to myself, what if there’s a type of medicine/chemical out there that have same or similar effect but less or no side-effect to the users?


And then, bam! Modafinil score the highest rating of all of my vote. The outcome of that problem is, in Malaysia, not a single pharmacy do sell or have Modafinil.

Let me tell you what Modafinil is and what my personal experience can tell you before-hand you decide to grab one of these pills and try it yourself…

Chemical content of Modafinil is (±)-2-(benzhydrylsulfinyl)acetamide. It was preferred medicine for mood-brightening and memory-enhancing psycho-stimulant which enhances wakefulness and vigilance.

It help the inner core brain (hypothalamic) increase a neurotransmitter called Histamine to promoting wakefulness feeling to you. On side it also contain 2-benzene with hydroxyl side group named catecholamine, ‘later can be synthesis’ to other monoamine neurotransmitter such as Noadrenaline, Adrenaline, Dopamine, and Serotonin.

I remain confirm on the word ‘later can be synthesis’ because that’s what I get when I take Modafinil, no effect unless you want it, then it will be synthesis (inside your brain) to you on your command.

Don’t make this introduction frighten you because it will not make you feel dizzy, woozy, lightheaded or drugged like taking alcohol or illegal drug.

I actually preferred modafinil because it helps me on:
a) Stay wake up for nearly 15 hours after taking. Even only half a pill of 200mg.
b) Improve my working, spatial, permanent or long buried memory.
c) Speed up my digit span, digit manipulation, pattern recognition, analytical and logical thinking.
d) Truly helping me on being patient of certain/stressful issues which I’m truly not.
e) And have multi-tasking brain working effect.


I can assure my fellow reader that; Modafinil has little or no side effect except (maybe) ‘dependency’. Don’t get confuse on ‘addiction’ with ‘dependency’ because, even though both have the same outcome like, you cannot live without it, but ‘addiction’ is once you decided to reduce or stops, the rebound effect like withdrawal symptoms will haunting you.

In ‘dependency’, you can stop whenever you want with no rebound effect at all, but, your next day will create the same old self you before taking Modafinil.

My first idea into this, what if, I can flood neurotransmitter inside my brain with caution that I will find the latest technology available in the market to get me into that level without harming myself.

I think, everyone will agree with me if, I tell all that when your brain has all the neurotransmitter needed to do every single task on every day ahead, better than you don’t have sufficient neurotransmitter when you need one…

I still using nootropil, lecithin, amino acids such as L-cysteine, L-glutamine, L-methionine, L-tyrosine and vitamin B complex (which I get from Junior Memorex product), and ginkgo biloba (from Memorex product). Now in additional to these brain booster administrations, I put also Modafinil on the list.

As far as I know, we have:
a) 5 major amino acid neurotransmitter namely glutamate, aspartate, D-serine, gamma-aminobutyric acid, and glycine.
b) 5 major monoamines namely dopamine, neradrenaline, adrenaline, histamine and serotonin
c) 3 major other categories of neurotransmitter namely acetylcholine, adenosine and endorphin.

Anyway, based from above regime, I did manage to supply 8 out of 13 major neurotransmitter in above listed group. That’s as far as I can get now legally to support the improvement of my future life.

The only reminder that I can give to you, if you can actually manage to get your brain supplied like mine is, do not get hungry and no alcohol when you into these medicines.

Next published, I will give the order and recurrences on taking the above list of pills to get on the top of performance because each one of these pills have standard half-life inside your blood stream. The powers of each individual pill gradually decrease after exceed their standard half-life…

Until then, thank you.


Salamz and good day,

Thanks to my colleague who remind me to update my blog..
Back to something extraordinary to get your hand on for your future innovation.

Today I wanna talk about ‘Nootropil’. ‘Nootropil’ can be considered as ‘The Oldest Smart Drug In The World’. We can buy it over the counter at prescription pharmacist without any prescription.


It is because this drug was considered as normal supplement and it has become popular as a cognitive enhancement drug among student. You can refer more inside wikipedia link below.

Piracetam/Nootropil as the Oldest Smart Drug in The World

Detail prescription of Piracetam/Nootropil from Online Doctor.

I’ve been enjoy using this medicine every day starting 2002 (continuous for 8 wonderful years) and keep on pushing my brain to the limit every single second. It boosted my memory, quick in understanding things, solved complex solution and even I can predict future event and calculate strategies more that 21 steps in front of others.


I did discussed about the side effect with specialist doctor and she said somewhat like this.

“So far as you did know, there’s no direct side effect but most of chemical drug, once your overdoses from your normal used, it will target your liver function. My concern will be on the other kind of side effect which is ‘dependable’

I ask her what does she means as ‘dependable’?

She said, “As you said, you were taking this medicine since 2002, and you achieve most of your life progress such as Physics Graduate, score in complex mathematical test, get an engineering jobs, understand most complex engineering fabrication method, and made you as you are today… But I would say, if you stop this medicine at once… Can you maintain your achievement after that?”

I said, “Mostly no…I think I cannot at all”

Then, she explain “That’s what I mean as ‘dependable’.


So, what’s the doctor said was true…I cannot stop this medicine if I wanted to continue achieving thing in life. But for me, we live only once, if we cannot achieve great things in life, what we have to live for? I’m just a normal stupid person as others Malay buggers who destine to work as fisherman and rubber tapper but I wanna get to the other side of the extraordinary Jews thinker brain. I must do something to get to that other side and for me… thank you to ‘Nootropil’… 🙂

Anyway…continue for more innovation in some other time…