In Oct2008 to Jan2009, I was at Bintulu, Sarawak under Murphy Sarawak Oil. My life mostly going to work, get back late, boring. So, one day I decided to fill up my brain with so much knowledge that I could find inside the internet. After a while, I come to a corner of forbidden knowledge. So this topic mostly describe as a ‘shortcut for taking female to bed’. Hahhaha!.

Androstenol (5-alpha-androst-16-en-3-alpha-ol) is a type of chemical that trigger sensational sex-like in female behavior. This were considered as the human pheromone which release by male to attract female. It will activate female response through nasal(nose) and most likely make woman thinking about having sex.

This chemical commercially distribute with perfume and it’s hard to get from nature.

Then, in Oct2009, while I’m in KL, I search back my previous note on my finding, then I get a quotation from one of China Manufacture which can supply the chemical. What’s surprise me was the price for a kilogram was USD35,000.00 and minimum order would be 100gram. Then I search for another alternative.

I search sex shop in Sg. Wang Plaza and did find a perfume bottle of 5ml contain that chemical. And the price was RM130.00. Starting from that day, I keep counting my budget to get that bottle.

One day back in Dec2009, I search down internet for other alternative to get the chemical. I saw a page promote a product name ‘Phero-X’. This product was highly claim as the best pheromone product in Malaysia, Made in Russia, and the price for 2 bottle was only RM90.00 (promotion). The link to that website was given below:

The All New ‘Phero-X’

Then, with dealer’s number I did manage to get 2 bottle of ‘Phero-X’ and tested it. The result? Emmmm…..hahahaha….The best product I ever lay my hands on. Until the time I write this blog, I currently used my 5th bottle and when I called the dealer to buy more, the dealer said, “Currently, I’m out of stock, will get back to you once I receive fresh stock”.

Huh… How can I live without my ‘Phero-X’….Can you get from your supplier fast!…I’m in pain here!….Can you see???…Arrggghhh!!!