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Melbourne time 4.21pm 25Jun11,

I’m sorry if I’m too slow to published this secret because I have to explain by drawing each and every picture and the highlight by my previous experiments in Bintulu on year 2009 …
For the first time I be able reveal the secret of run a Produa Kancil EX850 Auto by only water…
Up until now I didn’t have the opportunity to replicate this project because lack of equipment, time and parts.

I’m intending to publish this thing based on the following basis:
a) My cousin Firdaus has the necessary equipment to install these things.
b) My other cousin Zahrul have the necessary skills to manufacturing the parts and export to my cousin Firdaus for further assemble and installation.
c) Further advertising can be made by Zahrul’s brother Badin in private or with the help of his current company he work now called “Green Base Technology”.

Now I’m waiting an excellent opportunity to launch the thing all over Malaysia, I think now it’s time to share knowledge which I acquired in Bintulu first time ….

This is because:
a) Firdaus now not have any permanent jobs and he’s now having a new born daughter…it’s not too late to secure some financial for his family….
b) We can change our children’s future (the next generation) by showing them that they do not have to depend on the fossil fuel to run their future vehicle ….
c) The changing of technology now make me realized that it would be more easy to build this things compare to 5 years ago …
d) I’d notice that by doing this things alone, I wouldn’t achieve anything… so we have to built a team to create this idea to become reality….

Information for above figure as follows:
a) If we have pure hydrogen gas, and we put a pipe into the “air intake” of an engine…
b) If the engine is in idling mode… we can increase the engine RPM by feeding more hydrogen gas into it ….
c) This means that we can use only hydrogen to run our cars.

Information for the Youtube above as follows:
a) It’s been taken from the youtube movies posted in “Mythbuster”
b) To show you that we can use just enough hydrogen to turn on the engine.
c) Mythbuster in this episode trying to prove whether the electrolysis of water is able to run a car or just enough to turn the engine on …
d) In these episodes, Mythbuster have proven that electrolysis FAILED start the engine using water electrolysis because the hydrogen production is too slow.
e) BUT successfully demonstrated that the engine can be turned on if only hydrogen gas being put into the engine air intake.

Explanation for above figure as follows:
a) The original figure were taken from form 5 Malaysian high school chemistry book… but it has been modified by me for easy to understand …
b) The experiment explaining of a Redox Experiment … or oxidation of iron into iron magnetite.
c) Its chemical formula is as follows:

3Fe + 4H2O -> Fe3O4 + 4H2
Fe = Iron (Iron)
H2O = Ayor (Water)
Fe3O4 = Iron Magnetite
H2 = Hydrogen Gas

d) But these formula have two conditions which is… the water must be in the form of vapor or steam…the iron must reach 240 degrees Celsius of heat … in other words, the iron must be red hot….
e) As the “Water Steam / Vapor Generator” produces water in the form of vapor or steam …and the “Hydrogen generator converter” then heat up the steel ball bearings to red hot
f) The combination of these two things to produce hydrogen gas easily and abundantly….
g) Now we must think on how to simplify these parts and simplify installation to our cars or just any car in the world….

Information for above figure as follows:
a) These setup shows on how do I manage to install my Produa EX850 car in Bintulu…
b) First, normal copper pipe will be stuffed by iron nails which will be cut on the top and bottom of the nails .. Leave only the middle part of the iron nails…. this copper pipes will be seal air tight…with a connector on each ends…
c) Then make a hole on the car exhaust pipe and installed the copper pipe containing nails across the exhaust…
d) This will make the exhaust heat to heat up the nails inside the copper tube….when copper pipe in the middle of the exhaust pipe the fume inside the exhaust become more tight and it will reduces engine performance a little … the heat produce into the copper tube with nails inside depending on how the fumes inside the exhaust being compressed…. but …when hot air from the exhaust fumes compressed into narrow place … then the higher the heat ….. The more heat generate the batter this devices performed….
e) Under the copper tube which been filled with nails is a copper pipe cut in half to catch the high pressure fumes to high pressure canister ….
f) Valve will be controlled by a cable to the second gas pedal…. the second gas pedal is placed next to the cars original gas pedal… the operation of the second gas pedal is when we placed our foot to the pedal, the valves will be opened…and when we lift our foot from the pedal … valve will be closed…
g) High-pressure containers filled just any type of water and will be tightly closed…
h) The water vapor will come out from the canister…contact with the red hot iron….. And turn the water into hydrogen according to the formula given previously….
i) And the hydrogen will be fed into the car’s air intake…..

My previous design needs to set the nail into red hot manually….so, I drive the car with normal petrol by using the original gas pedal….this heating up operations acquired by driving the car with original gas pedal for 15 to 20 minutes… when iron nail inside the copper pipe is hot enough (I was using thermostat indicator to check the temperature reaching 300 degree centigrade)… then I pressed the second gas pedal to open the valve… and for the resulting hydrogen gas will run the car….

Usually when we use the second pedal, the engine originally in idling mode (timing) so that the second pedal inject the hydrogen into the engine air intake to increased RPM and run the car….very little fossil fuel still needed for car’s timing….

During my time in Bintulu in 2009 … I did some test with just any water including coke water, water from puddles, seawater, rain water, drain water, and urine……but urine will create a very bad smell when you wanted to filled up new water inside the pressure containers…..and at one time I did manage test by mixing the various type of water. Examples the sea water plus rain water plus coke water…the engine still running smoothly….

If the car can sprint top speed of 140km/h originally….because of the copper pipe barriers inside the car exhaust….at vehicle speeds would be less top speed of 140km/h…

I still need some comments or ideas on how to make this part easy and cheaper to make..And the idea for easy installations without any hassle…..

Hopefully it can be producing mass in productions and the installation will be “plug and play” method….

Thank you for reading and waiting for your comment….


I’ve been around with Oil & Gas fabricator long enough to see and know how many rate they get to be a welder.

There’s been a lot of Welder Qualification Testing or WQT been done throughout every project that I’ve been involve. And there been a lot of certified been release with level that accepted to the quality of Oil & Gas industries.

The known process involve in Oil & Gas industry will be SMAW, Metal Arc Welding (or normally known as stick welding), GMAW (or MIG welding), GTAW (or TIG welding) and underwater welding.

Below will be the list of welding position that been approved in Oil & Gas industries.

Sheet groove weld position will be:
a) 1G; flat,
b) 2G; horizontal,
c) 3G; vertical
d) 4G; overhead position:

Sheet fillet weld position will be:
a) 1F; flat,
b) 2F; horizontal,
c) 3F; vertical
d) 4F; overhead

Tube groove weld position will be:
a) 1G; horizontal rolled,
b) 2G; vertical,
c) 5G; horizontal fixed
d) 6G; inclined position.

Tube fillet weld position will be:
a) 1F; flat,
b) 2F; horizontal,
c) 4F; overhead,
d) 5F; multiple position

I’m guessing the “G” suffix means “groove”, and the “F” suffix means “fillet”, but we really need confirmation all of this.

The higher paid welder will be 6G and 6GR position and underwater welder.

Enough with introductions, now come the real stories of this blog.

I’ve been thinking a long, long time ago. And tested many time on the method of to weld/braze/solder the aluminum alloy. The problem is not all kind of aluminum alloy can be weld/braze/solder because aluminum alloy tended to oxide right after reaching melting point of 660°C.

My previous idea mostly like to create and built heat sink for my mini HVAC, heat pipe creation for lower pressure water vapor devices, outer layer of my antigravity devices and replacement of copper tube in my water/hydrogen reactor converter. Either using copper material and/or aluminum material, the biggest problem will be to glue aluminum together with strong, chemical & heat resistant with a good of heat conductivity.

After searching the web, I just found out there’s a special flux and special welding rod were use to weld aluminum. Furthermore we must use Inert gas welding machine to complete the job. And it will become burden for me to complete my project if somebody like me using low budget to get expensive tool just to trial and error.

Then, in the middle of Mar2010, after some search in the internet, I just notice that it was a phenomenal problem to weld/braze/solder aluminum. Until I found “as seen on TV” Special Aluminum Brazing Rods. With different commercial name like HTS2000, Dura fix, Aladdin 3 in 1, Alumaloy, Alumaweld, Alumarod etc, the Aluminum Brazing Rods was live up to the claims.

These rods started to melt around 380°C, not using any flux and never oxide. As far as I know the composition of another 2 kind of metal beside Aluminum itself still a trade secret between manufacture. For HTS2000, there were another 8 kind of metal were reported beside the Aluminum itself.

After ordering this Aluminum Brazing Rods, I can continue to braze my aluminum based fabrication project without any hassle because the low melting point and never oxide under braze temperature just by using my mini butane gas torch.

As the product become more variety of cast iron low temperature brazing, stainless steel low temperature brazing and copper low temperature brazing , I’ve keep on thinking, what happen to our welding industries and skillful welder next time when we do WQT? Hahahaha….


Dear Fellow Reader,

I’m sorry to hold up all the info because I feel that not everybody ready with antigravity technology that I’m going to published. This technology, after carefully exam and rethink, going to altered time and dimension as human far believe in. As I the Malaysian Born Physicist, I already foresee that this technology can be use as bad and dangerous outcome if falls to wrong hand.

Why I still publish my finding even though I know that this technology do cause more harm than good..?

Below is the reason why and maybe I can share with my fellow reader:
a) My love to a beautiful world of science knowledge and pure physics finding force me to still publish my reverse engineering finding throughout the net.
b) To claim my finding earlier than any other human ought to put their name in these findings.
c) To make the complex idea such as this seems too easy for children to understand which is one day; those children will grows older and rethink on how to overcome any problem reflected by this technology.

Physics had a bad reputation to cause more harm than good, for example the atomic and nuclear bomb. As all three reasons that I give above, an atomic and nuclear knowledge was become better and can; as we all know, harness the pure energy of the universe.

But as everybody knows that the energy which is produce was enormously big in the scale of one drop of water, most of human who are like to have power during their lifetime abuse the energy and that’s become the tragedy of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945.

So what may become of my reverse engineering of antigravity technology?

As I post the comment in

Three un-avoided result by these technology will be:

a) Human body not built into high frequency electromagnetic wave, this will cause cancer in long time exposure.
b) High voltage was one of human known killer from the first strike of lightning in the sky.
c) Time-wrapping force-field which will take the pilot age by years and years in fraction of second.

But as my item (c) reasons to publish these finding, I will make this complex idea seems too easy for children to understand which is one day, maybe, this children will create another technology to overcome the problem which is reflected by this technology.

Now, the question is; should I proceed to reveal the antigravity reverse engineering technology that I ever encounter in my previous oil& gas project back in Bintulu, Malaysia in 2009? I leave the comment to you guys/girl…my fellow good reader.



In the wrong lane in my life, after I push myself to the end of my designation in computer industries as maximum as Branch & Project Manager (till Aug 2006). Once I get no more challenge from others, I did lost my way of life which why I’m searching for more challenging environment as tough as oil & gas industries. To shift between industries, I must enter with minimum qualification and with basic experience only. For this purpose, I just accept any salary which was given to me without any rejection. I started up as Planning Assistant (in Nov 2006) in Oil & Gas Company with a minimum salary as fresh graduate person could ever get.

During my transition between industries period (between Aug 2006 till Nov 2006) , I was jobless for 3 month and during that time, I did push my brain to the maximum level that I could in physics research to get something genuine such as my original invention. Then I saw something that I could discuss more in this blog…

In physics, energy will be reserved and transition from one entity to another. There’s no energy that lost or vanish at all. But in this earth, once energy being converted to heat energy, there’s hard evidence that this energy will be convert back to another form of energy. Thanks to earth climate and reverse heat circulation climate makes the trapped heat being release back to outer space and stabilized the earth overall heat. Until one day every scientist talks about global warming and green gas. This earth is getting hotter now!

Then I got one idea from Peltier junction thermocouple. the phenomenon also knowns as Seebeck effect. Peltier thermocouples were made up from a small junction between copper and aluminum. This junction is so small, line up and sandwiches between thin ceramic plates. The entire junction will be link with small wire and once small electric current run through this junction, there’s a variance temperature between the ceramic plates which can be achieve nearly 50 degrees Centigrade (one side is hot and the other side is cold). Meaning, if we use mechanical fan to drop the hot side of temperature to 30 degrees Centigrade, means the cold side of Peltier thermocouples can reach up to -20 degree centigrade!

There’s a variance between thermoelectric couple (or Seebeck Effect) heat variance in between metals and this can be explain in various metal by the chart below.

My idea based on the layer of thermocouples is to expend to multiples of metals sandwich together and make large plates that can captures suns ray on the top with a stream of cold water running below. This idea can harness sun heat energy to make free electric.

This idea will be differed approach from Einstein Photovoltaic approach which using frequency of electromagnetic wave to make electric. Based on rough estimation, the sun’s ray consist of heat and electromagnetic waves from ultraviolet, visible light to infra red light. Einstein Photovoltaic (or commonly known as solar panel) only can harness less than 8% of sun’s ray to make electric. But this multiple Peltier plate actually can harness sun’s heat and infra red rays which can efficiently increase up to 78% of ray energy to electrical energy. Then we can put the electrical energy to a good used.
For me, Einstein black body experiment inside physics was actually wanted to convert wasted heat energy to electric. Instead he found method to easily convert heat to electrical energy, he did find Photovoltaic phenomenon! And his partner Max Plank then find Plank Constant based on the same black body experiment which is now used as standard Quantum Constant.

I need comment on this article so I can modify to a better explanation of heat to electrical energy conversion. Our target is, my beloved reader …if we can create a small device that on one side constantly maintain -20 degree centigrade and the other part will be a Standard Temperature Pressure (STP), once place this device in standard room temperature of 21 degree centigrade, this device will suck all heat around the room and convert to electrical energy which can be used for another device. At the same time that device will be a mini air conditioner which can make the room cool and cozy.
More to this device explanation and construction I will continue to another blog….



When I’m at Bintulu, a lot of things I did discovered. A good things is, you can officially do extreme experiment without any law that govern you there of doing those things. Back in Semenanjung Malaysia, everything got license, must registered with other government body and a lot of law that you need a lot of approval before doing something… sometimes I think, I wanted to go back to Bintulu and do whatever experiment I wanted without any disturbance.

I’m a very happy man back at Bintulu, a lot of friends and most of the weekend; we spend our happy hour at karaoke and live band. Surely that required a lot of money and my salary actually cannot support my happening life at all….
So, I did force my brain to look for any chances in life that I can make money with a small device that I can built at home…so I did…

One day I saw a patent approved Apr 2008 by Dr. Joe Champion, The link you can get it from below;

Method of producing mutant Microbes Useful for Precious metal and Bioenergy Production.

What did I do with this patent? Simple…(what I tell you below actually not telling inside the patent but the idea still there)

You need to prepare the crucial ingredient, the pure silver dust. The method will be explained below;

1) Buy yourself a 925 sterling silver. Mostly silver necklace, silver ring or silver pendant.
2) Get yourself 1 liter of 70% nitric acid. This chemical that I tell you not a good item to buy in Semenanjung. The license will kill you to have one…
3) Put the 925 sterling silver into 70% nitric acid (only 100ml of it or depend on weight of silver that you have) and let the silver melt. Careful of the vapor which may suffocate you in the process (Nitric Oxide will kill you if you did inhale one). Please do this at open air area.
4) Once the silver melt, we have Silver Nitrate solution and the solution will turn light blue which shows indication of Copper II Nitrate. Copper actually remaining of 7.5% balance of 92.5% of the 925 silver. I did mention of getting 100% pure silver right..?
5) That Silver Nitrate (and of course Copper II Nitrate inside), just put pure copper wire inside the Silver Nitrate solution. This pure copper wire often sell at electrical hardware store (of course I buy it at Bintulu city in kilogram, I did actually find one shop there that sell it by kilogram). Once you put copper wire inside the Silver Nitrate solution, there’s a secondary vapor of nitric oxide that poisonous and please be careful!
6) The residue of 100% of pure silver will be remaining at bottom and you can dilution it with pure water or saline water. This saline water you can buy at Guardian store.
7) Then, filter out the 100% pure silver as the grain of 100% pure silver actually in micro bead in size.
‘8) Get ready the powder of 100% pure silver in another beaker for next stage of the patent requirement…

Next stage will be explained inside my next blog… hopefully my beloved reader will follow up on this blog post…



It’s been busy a lot lately and I’m not in the mood to update my blog…
Today I wanna tell you about free energy that I been discovered lately. It’s more to a capacitor and finally once assembles and complete it will generate a lot of free electrical energy to be used without any input from our electric company or electric provider.

As we all know about capacitor consist of 2 plates with negative on one side and positive on the other side. These 2 plates were separated by electrolytic material (or air gap) to increase the electrical energy to be hold. We must first charge the capacitor to store electrical energy inside.

Now, the idea is to charge up the 2 plate with positive one side and negative the other side. The gap between to plate then must be increase to 10x of the original gap. From normal calculation, the charge originally on each side of the plate will increase to the power of 2 each time the gap increase double the original length. How to explain eh..? Let us see the drawings below.

As we can see,
a) First picture show the capacitor plate had been charge and the gap length is l
b) Second picture shows the gap length had been increase 2l
c) Third picture shows the gap length had been increase 3l

Now the result is let say the first charge will be 100 coulombs.
a) The first picture we will get same 100 coulombs
b) The second picture, we will get 1000 coulombs
c) The third picture, we will get 100000000 coulombs.

Then the question is where the extra charge comes from? Don’t be silly, this mechanism was basically a charge pump in action. You must first terminate earth to the negative plate. As the length increase, the negative charge will be pump negative charge from earth and balance back the positive plate, as result both of the plate will increase in charge quantity. Then, just harvest the excessive charge that been develop. Store it inside normal battery for other usage.

How to build such a capacitor, mechanically or any other method to increase the length… I leave it all to my beloved reader to engineer and decide by yourself…. After all, I’m just a physicist, the one who will do the try and error of this method will be the engineer…



The first blog about this topic makes a lot of reply at my gtalk and YM. So far a lot of my friend show interested on my finding. But as Mr Zahairin (gtalk from Asgabat, Turkmenistan) said, “But bro, the customer, car owner/driver, does not want to be bothered by the chemical process, they just wants to pump hydrogen fuel into the car and start the engine….just like petrol”. Thanks Mr Zahairin, but this blog mostly shows the DIY of the invention. May I continue?.. hehehehe

Firstly, I wanted to explain that this invention purely based on chemical process as below equation.

3Fe + 4H2O —> Fe3O4 + 4H2
Fe = Ferum (Iron)
H2O = Di-Hydrogen Oxide (Water)
Fe3O4 = Ferum Magnetite
H2 = Hydrogen

But with a constrain as below;
a) The Ferum (Iron) must be in temperature of between 260°C to 1000°C.
b) The Water must be in vapor or gas state.

The most heated part in car engine will be at the engine exhaust output or the manifold. So, the heated Ferum (or the heated Iron) must be place at the beginning of the exhaust pipe (the manifold). By modifying the speed of the exhaust air inside the manifold by tighten the air flows, we can increase the output temperature to staggering 700°C.

The heated Ferum will be turn to red and then a stream flow of water vapor/water gas will be touching the surface of the heated Ferum (Iron). As the chemical process occur between this two surface, an abundant of hydrogen were release and this hydrogen connected to the air intake of the engine for fuel. The process will create Ferum Magnetite (Fe3O4) as waste (but this process can be reverse/recycle back with carbon to get the pure Ferum).

So, the important engineering process of this invention will be in three question which is;
a) How to create a heated Ferum (up to 300°C and above) with exhaust manifold?
b) How to create water vapor (gas state) without using any heat?
c) How to control the production of hydrogen as it will control the engine speed?

To answer this three question… We will discuss in the next part of this blog.



Did you know that pure hydrogen can be put directly to any car engine and run as the same as petrol. And the good thing is, we only used 1/6 hydrogen to burn as the same as energy release by petrol…

Then why we not used hydrogen instead of petrol?.. The answer is about safety feature and handling cost…

Petrol and be stored without pressure and be distribute without compression cost… This feature actually far more cheap that handling pure liquid hydrogen…

I wanna tell you one story of mine back in June2008.. At that time I’m in Kencana HL Lumut, Perak. I’m in the rush of making my car, Proton Wira Aeroback 1.6GL to run 100% by water (or in the direct way of saying, by pure hydrogen).. at first my target was to get 50% of water and 50% of petrol. It’s because at that time, fuel price rise up to RM2.58 per liter…

One month after that, in July2008, I’ve been transferred to Bintulu for the next 8 month…

I miss my Bintulu’s car…you can check the plate if you want…

I rent Produa Kancil Ex850 for working there and still petrol is my biggest enemy… One day back in Jan2009, I declare to my colleague there, that if I can convert that Kancil to run by water, I will drive to Miri and back for for testing. Bintulu and Miri is about 197km and back is another 197km.

To tell the story short, in Feb2009 to May2009, I did manage to drive to Miri and back about 6 times. Which means, my car (the Kancil) conversion which run totally by water is a success.

How did I do it..? I will continue in Part2 of my blog…


Salamz and good day,

Thanks to my colleague who remind me to update my blog..
Back to something extraordinary to get your hand on for your future innovation.

Today I wanna talk about ‘Nootropil’. ‘Nootropil’ can be considered as ‘The Oldest Smart Drug In The World’. We can buy it over the counter at prescription pharmacist without any prescription.


It is because this drug was considered as normal supplement and it has become popular as a cognitive enhancement drug among student. You can refer more inside wikipedia link below.

Piracetam/Nootropil as the Oldest Smart Drug in The World

Detail prescription of Piracetam/Nootropil from Online Doctor.

I’ve been enjoy using this medicine every day starting 2002 (continuous for 8 wonderful years) and keep on pushing my brain to the limit every single second. It boosted my memory, quick in understanding things, solved complex solution and even I can predict future event and calculate strategies more that 21 steps in front of others.


I did discussed about the side effect with specialist doctor and she said somewhat like this.

“So far as you did know, there’s no direct side effect but most of chemical drug, once your overdoses from your normal used, it will target your liver function. My concern will be on the other kind of side effect which is ‘dependable’

I ask her what does she means as ‘dependable’?

She said, “As you said, you were taking this medicine since 2002, and you achieve most of your life progress such as Physics Graduate, score in complex mathematical test, get an engineering jobs, understand most complex engineering fabrication method, and made you as you are today… But I would say, if you stop this medicine at once… Can you maintain your achievement after that?”

I said, “Mostly no…I think I cannot at all”

Then, she explain “That’s what I mean as ‘dependable’.


So, what’s the doctor said was true…I cannot stop this medicine if I wanted to continue achieving thing in life. But for me, we live only once, if we cannot achieve great things in life, what we have to live for? I’m just a normal stupid person as others Malay buggers who destine to work as fisherman and rubber tapper but I wanna get to the other side of the extraordinary Jews thinker brain. I must do something to get to that other side and for me… thank you to ‘Nootropil’… 🙂

Anyway…continue for more innovation in some other time…


In Oct2008 to Jan2009, I was at Bintulu, Sarawak under Murphy Sarawak Oil. My life mostly going to work, get back late, boring. So, one day I decided to fill up my brain with so much knowledge that I could find inside the internet. After a while, I come to a corner of forbidden knowledge. So this topic mostly describe as a ‘shortcut for taking female to bed’. Hahhaha!.

Androstenol (5-alpha-androst-16-en-3-alpha-ol) is a type of chemical that trigger sensational sex-like in female behavior. This were considered as the human pheromone which release by male to attract female. It will activate female response through nasal(nose) and most likely make woman thinking about having sex.

This chemical commercially distribute with perfume and it’s hard to get from nature.

Then, in Oct2009, while I’m in KL, I search back my previous note on my finding, then I get a quotation from one of China Manufacture which can supply the chemical. What’s surprise me was the price for a kilogram was USD35,000.00 and minimum order would be 100gram. Then I search for another alternative.

I search sex shop in Sg. Wang Plaza and did find a perfume bottle of 5ml contain that chemical. And the price was RM130.00. Starting from that day, I keep counting my budget to get that bottle.

One day back in Dec2009, I search down internet for other alternative to get the chemical. I saw a page promote a product name ‘Phero-X’. This product was highly claim as the best pheromone product in Malaysia, Made in Russia, and the price for 2 bottle was only RM90.00 (promotion). The link to that website was given below:

The All New ‘Phero-X’

Then, with dealer’s number I did manage to get 2 bottle of ‘Phero-X’ and tested it. The result? Emmmm…..hahahaha….The best product I ever lay my hands on. Until the time I write this blog, I currently used my 5th bottle and when I called the dealer to buy more, the dealer said, “Currently, I’m out of stock, will get back to you once I receive fresh stock”.

Huh… How can I live without my ‘Phero-X’….Can you get from your supplier fast!…I’m in pain here!….Can you see???…Arrggghhh!!!