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This was based from a true story and all the data exposed from this claim was true at time and place when it was taken.

In 12Jan13 (Saturday), my friend named Mohd Khairul Ishak was starting the have fever. He was thought it was a normal fever. He did go to clinic and clinic gave him fever pill and some pain killer.

In 14Jan13 (Monday), the fever was not subside and he chooses to go to a different clinic and may request to recheck again on possibility of dengue fever, again, the other clinic just gave him fever pills and did recommended him to go again to check with hospital for dengue blood check.

On 15Jan13 (Tuesday), he visit Hospital Ampang at Pandan Indah Kuala Lumpur to do the blood test and in morning he was positively taken as having dengue fever. This blood platelet counted 8.4 at that time, which is, below than 10.0 was positively identify as dengue. Then, he was admitted to ward number A331.

On 16Jan13 (Wednesday), his blood platelet counted 6.2, and his health become worst and worst by the day…

On 17Jan13 (Thursday) his blood platelet counted 5.4, and I immediately sense that he not taking too much water. Based on my experience in 2004 when I have dengue fever, the blood platelet count will go down too fast and it can only be slow down by taking much water.

The hospital recommended him to take 100 plus, which eventually he vomit, so on that Thursday, I recommended him (as I was before) taking chrysanthemum tea drink. This drink will reduce vomiting thus given him much water inside his body during the process.

As he said, chrysanthemum tea drink DID NOT induce vomit as 100 plus does!

On 18Jan13 (Friday), his blood platelet counted 5.2, and I started to heard most of my work colleague recommended me to make crab soup and give him. They most certainly believe that crab soup can CURE dengue fever, based from their personal experience or advice from others before them.

That afternoon, I search frozen crab and started to make the soup.

That evening I visit him and make him to finish a bowl of soup.


On 19Jan13 (Saturday), he was happily SMS me that his blood platelet counted that morning was come up to 8.2 and he’s beginning to believe it was from the crab soup. I really amaze of this news. And this was achieve without any other medicine except his saline water injection, normal hospital diet and chrysanthemum tea.

On 20Jan13 (Sunday), his blood platelet was counted 10.8 and no other symptoms as dengue fever at all. He was fully cured.

On 21Jan13 (Monday) he officially discharge from Hospital Ampang Pandan Indah Kuala Lumpur.

This was the graph that shows his admission and discharge blood count.


The question now, what was inside crab soup, miracle enough to cure dengue fever almost immediately in one bowl?


I brought L-Rider LamboV4 e-cig vaporizer in 09Feb13 (Saturday). The price was RM300 plus additional bigger ViviNova tank which I think it worth it. But last night (14Feb13 – Wednesday night), this LamboV4 starts to blinking and not firing. Something had happened.

As the seller said this deal include ‘warranty for the first 2 weeks’, I made up my mind to see the seller again during this weekend.

But, last night, when the things happened, I still 3 days from weekend. And I already decided that I will not smoke normal cigarette as New Year 2013 resolution. So I come out with some ingenious (sort of) idea using my DIY knowledge to get e-cig without spending any more money.

The item was:

  • Original vapor tank from ViviNova.
  • 18650 3.7Volt 1800mAh rechargeable battery (originally from L-Rider LamboV4)
  • Plastic cap, taken somewhere laying around my house.
  • Micro switch (which I buy for my electronic project from Jalan Pasar)
  • Some speaker wire and masking tape.

Lambo V4 Modified 1

Picture 138 edit

The assembly is simple. Please note that battery polarity (positive and negative) and vapor tank connector socket polarity (positive and negative) as picture given previously.

The original idea was, to get connected from positive terminal of the battery to the positive terminal of the vapor tank socket and negative to the negative one.

As it was tested (without soldering) the vapor tank and the battery works and I decided to proceed to the next phase, putting switch and plastic cap to the battery.

This was the final assembly and the connection was:

  • From positive terminal of the battery touch the positive terminal of the vapor tank and hold by the plastic cap.
  • From negative terminal of the vapor tank soldered to micro switch and goes to negative terminal of the battery.

As all been soldered and assemble, just press the micro switch to get the flavored vapor.

Picture 144 edit

Picture 143 edit

Picture 142 edit

Currently, the assembly still crude and simplified in order to show everybody how simple the things are made. I plan this for temporary use only. My next move is to get my warranty of the broken L-rider LamboV4, and refined this crude assembly for future use.

I’ve been around with Oil & Gas fabricator long enough to see and know how many rate they get to be a welder.

There’s been a lot of Welder Qualification Testing or WQT been done throughout every project that I’ve been involve. And there been a lot of certified been release with level that accepted to the quality of Oil & Gas industries.

The known process involve in Oil & Gas industry will be SMAW, Metal Arc Welding (or normally known as stick welding), GMAW (or MIG welding), GTAW (or TIG welding) and underwater welding.

Below will be the list of welding position that been approved in Oil & Gas industries.

Sheet groove weld position will be:
a) 1G; flat,
b) 2G; horizontal,
c) 3G; vertical
d) 4G; overhead position:

Sheet fillet weld position will be:
a) 1F; flat,
b) 2F; horizontal,
c) 3F; vertical
d) 4F; overhead

Tube groove weld position will be:
a) 1G; horizontal rolled,
b) 2G; vertical,
c) 5G; horizontal fixed
d) 6G; inclined position.

Tube fillet weld position will be:
a) 1F; flat,
b) 2F; horizontal,
c) 4F; overhead,
d) 5F; multiple position

I’m guessing the “G” suffix means “groove”, and the “F” suffix means “fillet”, but we really need confirmation all of this.

The higher paid welder will be 6G and 6GR position and underwater welder.

Enough with introductions, now come the real stories of this blog.

I’ve been thinking a long, long time ago. And tested many time on the method of to weld/braze/solder the aluminum alloy. The problem is not all kind of aluminum alloy can be weld/braze/solder because aluminum alloy tended to oxide right after reaching melting point of 660°C.

My previous idea mostly like to create and built heat sink for my mini HVAC, heat pipe creation for lower pressure water vapor devices, outer layer of my antigravity devices and replacement of copper tube in my water/hydrogen reactor converter. Either using copper material and/or aluminum material, the biggest problem will be to glue aluminum together with strong, chemical & heat resistant with a good of heat conductivity.

After searching the web, I just found out there’s a special flux and special welding rod were use to weld aluminum. Furthermore we must use Inert gas welding machine to complete the job. And it will become burden for me to complete my project if somebody like me using low budget to get expensive tool just to trial and error.

Then, in the middle of Mar2010, after some search in the internet, I just notice that it was a phenomenal problem to weld/braze/solder aluminum. Until I found “as seen on TV” Special Aluminum Brazing Rods. With different commercial name like HTS2000, Dura fix, Aladdin 3 in 1, Alumaloy, Alumaweld, Alumarod etc, the Aluminum Brazing Rods was live up to the claims.

These rods started to melt around 380°C, not using any flux and never oxide. As far as I know the composition of another 2 kind of metal beside Aluminum itself still a trade secret between manufacture. For HTS2000, there were another 8 kind of metal were reported beside the Aluminum itself.

After ordering this Aluminum Brazing Rods, I can continue to braze my aluminum based fabrication project without any hassle because the low melting point and never oxide under braze temperature just by using my mini butane gas torch.

As the product become more variety of cast iron low temperature brazing, stainless steel low temperature brazing and copper low temperature brazing , I’ve keep on thinking, what happen to our welding industries and skillful welder next time when we do WQT? Hahahaha….