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Melbourne time 4.21pm 25Jun11,

I’m sorry if I’m too slow to published this secret because I have to explain by drawing each and every picture and the highlight by my previous experiments in Bintulu on year 2009 …
For the first time I be able reveal the secret of run a Produa Kancil EX850 Auto by only water…
Up until now I didn’t have the opportunity to replicate this project because lack of equipment, time and parts.

I’m intending to publish this thing based on the following basis:
a) My cousin Firdaus has the necessary equipment to install these things.
b) My other cousin Zahrul have the necessary skills to manufacturing the parts and export to my cousin Firdaus for further assemble and installation.
c) Further advertising can be made by Zahrul’s brother Badin in private or with the help of his current company he work now called “Green Base Technology”.

Now I’m waiting an excellent opportunity to launch the thing all over Malaysia, I think now it’s time to share knowledge which I acquired in Bintulu first time ….

This is because:
a) Firdaus now not have any permanent jobs and he’s now having a new born daughter…it’s not too late to secure some financial for his family….
b) We can change our children’s future (the next generation) by showing them that they do not have to depend on the fossil fuel to run their future vehicle ….
c) The changing of technology now make me realized that it would be more easy to build this things compare to 5 years ago …
d) I’d notice that by doing this things alone, I wouldn’t achieve anything… so we have to built a team to create this idea to become reality….

Information for above figure as follows:
a) If we have pure hydrogen gas, and we put a pipe into the “air intake” of an engine…
b) If the engine is in idling mode… we can increase the engine RPM by feeding more hydrogen gas into it ….
c) This means that we can use only hydrogen to run our cars.

Information for the Youtube above as follows:
a) It’s been taken from the youtube movies posted in “Mythbuster”
b) To show you that we can use just enough hydrogen to turn on the engine.
c) Mythbuster in this episode trying to prove whether the electrolysis of water is able to run a car or just enough to turn the engine on …
d) In these episodes, Mythbuster have proven that electrolysis FAILED start the engine using water electrolysis because the hydrogen production is too slow.
e) BUT successfully demonstrated that the engine can be turned on if only hydrogen gas being put into the engine air intake.

Explanation for above figure as follows:
a) The original figure were taken from form 5 Malaysian high school chemistry book… but it has been modified by me for easy to understand …
b) The experiment explaining of a Redox Experiment … or oxidation of iron into iron magnetite.
c) Its chemical formula is as follows:

3Fe + 4H2O -> Fe3O4 + 4H2
Fe = Iron (Iron)
H2O = Ayor (Water)
Fe3O4 = Iron Magnetite
H2 = Hydrogen Gas

d) But these formula have two conditions which is… the water must be in the form of vapor or steam…the iron must reach 240 degrees Celsius of heat … in other words, the iron must be red hot….
e) As the “Water Steam / Vapor Generator” produces water in the form of vapor or steam …and the “Hydrogen generator converter” then heat up the steel ball bearings to red hot
f) The combination of these two things to produce hydrogen gas easily and abundantly….
g) Now we must think on how to simplify these parts and simplify installation to our cars or just any car in the world….

Information for above figure as follows:
a) These setup shows on how do I manage to install my Produa EX850 car in Bintulu…
b) First, normal copper pipe will be stuffed by iron nails which will be cut on the top and bottom of the nails .. Leave only the middle part of the iron nails…. this copper pipes will be seal air tight…with a connector on each ends…
c) Then make a hole on the car exhaust pipe and installed the copper pipe containing nails across the exhaust…
d) This will make the exhaust heat to heat up the nails inside the copper tube….when copper pipe in the middle of the exhaust pipe the fume inside the exhaust become more tight and it will reduces engine performance a little … the heat produce into the copper tube with nails inside depending on how the fumes inside the exhaust being compressed…. but …when hot air from the exhaust fumes compressed into narrow place … then the higher the heat ….. The more heat generate the batter this devices performed….
e) Under the copper tube which been filled with nails is a copper pipe cut in half to catch the high pressure fumes to high pressure canister ….
f) Valve will be controlled by a cable to the second gas pedal…. the second gas pedal is placed next to the cars original gas pedal… the operation of the second gas pedal is when we placed our foot to the pedal, the valves will be opened…and when we lift our foot from the pedal … valve will be closed…
g) High-pressure containers filled just any type of water and will be tightly closed…
h) The water vapor will come out from the canister…contact with the red hot iron….. And turn the water into hydrogen according to the formula given previously….
i) And the hydrogen will be fed into the car’s air intake…..

My previous design needs to set the nail into red hot manually….so, I drive the car with normal petrol by using the original gas pedal….this heating up operations acquired by driving the car with original gas pedal for 15 to 20 minutes… when iron nail inside the copper pipe is hot enough (I was using thermostat indicator to check the temperature reaching 300 degree centigrade)… then I pressed the second gas pedal to open the valve… and for the resulting hydrogen gas will run the car….

Usually when we use the second pedal, the engine originally in idling mode (timing) so that the second pedal inject the hydrogen into the engine air intake to increased RPM and run the car….very little fossil fuel still needed for car’s timing….

During my time in Bintulu in 2009 … I did some test with just any water including coke water, water from puddles, seawater, rain water, drain water, and urine……but urine will create a very bad smell when you wanted to filled up new water inside the pressure containers…..and at one time I did manage test by mixing the various type of water. Examples the sea water plus rain water plus coke water…the engine still running smoothly….

If the car can sprint top speed of 140km/h originally….because of the copper pipe barriers inside the car exhaust….at vehicle speeds would be less top speed of 140km/h…

I still need some comments or ideas on how to make this part easy and cheaper to make..And the idea for easy installations without any hassle…..

Hopefully it can be producing mass in productions and the installation will be “plug and play” method….

Thank you for reading and waiting for your comment….



The first blog about this topic makes a lot of reply at my gtalk and YM. So far a lot of my friend show interested on my finding. But as Mr Zahairin (gtalk from Asgabat, Turkmenistan) said, “But bro, the customer, car owner/driver, does not want to be bothered by the chemical process, they just wants to pump hydrogen fuel into the car and start the engine….just like petrol”. Thanks Mr Zahairin, but this blog mostly shows the DIY of the invention. May I continue?.. hehehehe

Firstly, I wanted to explain that this invention purely based on chemical process as below equation.

3Fe + 4H2O —> Fe3O4 + 4H2
Fe = Ferum (Iron)
H2O = Di-Hydrogen Oxide (Water)
Fe3O4 = Ferum Magnetite
H2 = Hydrogen

But with a constrain as below;
a) The Ferum (Iron) must be in temperature of between 260°C to 1000°C.
b) The Water must be in vapor or gas state.

The most heated part in car engine will be at the engine exhaust output or the manifold. So, the heated Ferum (or the heated Iron) must be place at the beginning of the exhaust pipe (the manifold). By modifying the speed of the exhaust air inside the manifold by tighten the air flows, we can increase the output temperature to staggering 700°C.

The heated Ferum will be turn to red and then a stream flow of water vapor/water gas will be touching the surface of the heated Ferum (Iron). As the chemical process occur between this two surface, an abundant of hydrogen were release and this hydrogen connected to the air intake of the engine for fuel. The process will create Ferum Magnetite (Fe3O4) as waste (but this process can be reverse/recycle back with carbon to get the pure Ferum).

So, the important engineering process of this invention will be in three question which is;
a) How to create a heated Ferum (up to 300°C and above) with exhaust manifold?
b) How to create water vapor (gas state) without using any heat?
c) How to control the production of hydrogen as it will control the engine speed?

To answer this three question… We will discuss in the next part of this blog.



Did you know that pure hydrogen can be put directly to any car engine and run as the same as petrol. And the good thing is, we only used 1/6 hydrogen to burn as the same as energy release by petrol…

Then why we not used hydrogen instead of petrol?.. The answer is about safety feature and handling cost…

Petrol and be stored without pressure and be distribute without compression cost… This feature actually far more cheap that handling pure liquid hydrogen…

I wanna tell you one story of mine back in June2008.. At that time I’m in Kencana HL Lumut, Perak. I’m in the rush of making my car, Proton Wira Aeroback 1.6GL to run 100% by water (or in the direct way of saying, by pure hydrogen).. at first my target was to get 50% of water and 50% of petrol. It’s because at that time, fuel price rise up to RM2.58 per liter…

One month after that, in July2008, I’ve been transferred to Bintulu for the next 8 month…

I miss my Bintulu’s car…you can check the plate if you want…

I rent Produa Kancil Ex850 for working there and still petrol is my biggest enemy… One day back in Jan2009, I declare to my colleague there, that if I can convert that Kancil to run by water, I will drive to Miri and back for for testing. Bintulu and Miri is about 197km and back is another 197km.

To tell the story short, in Feb2009 to May2009, I did manage to drive to Miri and back about 6 times. Which means, my car (the Kancil) conversion which run totally by water is a success.

How did I do it..? I will continue in Part2 of my blog…