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Dear Fellow Reader,

I’m sorry to hold up all the info because I feel that not everybody ready with antigravity technology that I’m going to published. This technology, after carefully exam and rethink, going to altered time and dimension as human far believe in. As I the Malaysian Born Physicist, I already foresee that this technology can be use as bad and dangerous outcome if falls to wrong hand.

Why I still publish my finding even though I know that this technology do cause more harm than good..?

Below is the reason why and maybe I can share with my fellow reader:
a) My love to a beautiful world of science knowledge and pure physics finding force me to still publish my reverse engineering finding throughout the net.
b) To claim my finding earlier than any other human ought to put their name in these findings.
c) To make the complex idea such as this seems too easy for children to understand which is one day; those children will grows older and rethink on how to overcome any problem reflected by this technology.

Physics had a bad reputation to cause more harm than good, for example the atomic and nuclear bomb. As all three reasons that I give above, an atomic and nuclear knowledge was become better and can; as we all know, harness the pure energy of the universe.

But as everybody knows that the energy which is produce was enormously big in the scale of one drop of water, most of human who are like to have power during their lifetime abuse the energy and that’s become the tragedy of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945.

So what may become of my reverse engineering of antigravity technology?

As I post the comment in

Three un-avoided result by these technology will be:

a) Human body not built into high frequency electromagnetic wave, this will cause cancer in long time exposure.
b) High voltage was one of human known killer from the first strike of lightning in the sky.
c) Time-wrapping force-field which will take the pilot age by years and years in fraction of second.

But as my item (c) reasons to publish these finding, I will make this complex idea seems too easy for children to understand which is one day, maybe, this children will create another technology to overcome the problem which is reflected by this technology.

Now, the question is; should I proceed to reveal the antigravity reverse engineering technology that I ever encounter in my previous oil& gas project back in Bintulu, Malaysia in 2009? I leave the comment to you guys/girl…my fellow good reader.



Let see…where do i start…

My target to create this blog is.
1) To search on new innovative and creative that can be create for commercial or private use.
2) To get profit or income from this innovation, at least being referred as the person to consult.
3) To make record as this idea will be applied through patent or any registered organization.

Any fresh innovation that being post inside this blog mostly come from my private research at home. Most of the time I’ve tested the method/finding through scientific studies, some minor achievement, mathematical calculation, theories and through reading from published journal.

Although some of the finding were registered by other private person, organization or company. I try to put the name of the responsibilities as the founder or researcher of that particular invention. If I’m not mention any, please put inside the comment so i can edit back all the blog that been release.

More to that will be edited form time to time.