From  Josh Da Paci,

Dear DeackenZ,

You will barely get anything from that, imagine i put two plates distant more and more from each other, the capacity you will get will be less and less , because the electric field cannot extend endlessly from a plate to another, there is an effect called border or fringe effect which makes the field collapse nearer the plate itself.

The extra ‘energy’ as you call is put by you moving the plates closer or nearer. Note that you aren’t creating energy you are raising or lowering the capacitor’s capacity, the limit is the maximum distance above that, the formula q=c/v won’t be of any significance.

Hi Josh,

There’s one part of Maxwell 20th Equations mention about ‘Displacement Current’. And this equation never been teach(or dismissed) into physics because of most physicist doesn’t believe in Aether Medium. Even right now everybody that understands the mechanism of ‘Displacement Current’ is simply Electric field distort inside dielectric medium, why we still have value of ‘epsilon not’ (permittivity) in vacuum which suppose to have zero value in vacuum? Which still in question until this day don’t you agreed?

The statement that ‘epsilon not’ (permittivity) still have value of 8.85 x 10^(-12) shows that in some respect, vacuum medium have initial dielectric value, and this dielectric value was being use to transmit electromagnetic wave (or radio wave) by 3khz and above frequency due to displacement current polarization.

The idea of moving plate capacitor is related to displacement current rather than a simple capacitor plate. In High Voltage at one plate, the electric fields were generating rather high value, and the displacements current also have rather high value. On one time when the plate near to each other, the displacement current creating attraction to all metal ion in another plate, thus make the other plate opposite in plate charge.

After polarization of the other plate is complete (in other word fully charge), the first plate is move further and further from the polarized (second) plate. This will make the polarization to the other plate increase thus make more charge cumulate in it. The accumulation of increased charge must be drain for further of use, and make the second plate back to zero. And the whole process restarts again and again.

I complete these studies by using multiple point of electrets material on one side of the plate and just a multiple point copper metal plate on the other. The design was two round plate sandwich (with some acceptable gap) into one and other and only the plate that have electrets (with multiple point) will be spinning.  Every time that the electrets point passes the metal point in the other plate, the metal becomes polarized and free electric is generated.

The nearest design that you may try to imagine of my explanations design above was Swiss Testatika device with additional multiple point electrets in the other part of the first plate.  

May I remind you that this electric was high voltage so in ‘charge collector’ (which is high voltage capacitor) must undergo a series of other circuit to make it useable low voltage such as charging batteries.

In conclusion, to create free energy, both plates still relate to how high the displacement current in neutral metal plate and how fast the other two plates separated after polarized.

Hope you may start to explore displacement current and polarization of dielectric in Maxwell 20th equation (not the four electromagnetic Maxwell equation only) as you try to explain in you comment.