Received on 05May11, 6.00am
Hi Deacken,

I’ve seen your site, nice work!
Can you please show me a scheme about the driver circuit for the vortex coil?
I’ve built a 12vdc inverter that produces 170vac; it’s a 555 timer circuit that drives a step-up transformer.
I’ve tested it with a vortex coil that I’ve built following your video on youtube, but it doesn’t seem to work, no force is generated.
Where am I wrong?
May it be good for this purpose?
I’ve been searching for years without results about electro-gravity and electrets, now I see an open window with your words, please help me!
Thanks for your time

Francesco (from Italy)

Replied on 05May11 3.00pm
Hi there Francesco,

At first, I read some books that shifted my belief that UFO is not from alien origin at all!

Next stage was to explore from my physics point of view how possible to build my personal UFO with my background in Pure Physics Degree. Only one answer was coming to my mind during all these years…MHD (Magneto Hydro Dynamic)

Then, in 2007 I did read about Victor Grebennikov of his flying plate from Russia. After explore most of you tuber believe of his flying plate using only chitin and not required any electric (which is delivered by video of Jerry Decker), it took me 2 years to experiment with Cavernous Structure Effect (CSE) and any possible geometric shape that produce CSE. Just plain stupid!

Then in November 2008, I did visualized of Vortex Magnetic Field produced by vortex coil (like the one that I published up inside you tube in my name) and by “combining” Magnetic and Electric field together (Lorentz force), I did produce MHD in small scale.

Good things that you did complete the vortex coil, but the vortex coil only produces Magnetic Field in center hole Vortex direction. AC only make the Vortex direction goes from right to left and up and down direction….remember you only produce AC Vortex Magnetic Field with my vortex coil.

The next part that you missing was the High Voltage Electric Field which consist of 2 aluminum plate which will cover up your Vortex coil.

To step up the voltage to high voltage, I’m using small spark plug coil from Yamaha motorcycle.

The connection from battery to 12VDC inverter (only positive AC wire) to vortex coil to step up spark plug coil to aluminum plate. Then, on natural wire from 12VDC inverter will be terminate back to negative of the battery.

Remember to visualized the Magnetic and Electric Field on top of each aluminum plate surface because only the combining force field will produce the MHD anti-gravity effect.

Additional notes: when commissioning, please put the aluminum surface with wooden stand (2 inch in height) because High Voltage spark might jump from aluminum surface to the table and discharge the overall electric field which been produce just above the aluminum surface.

Finally, my complete commissioning of this item (small prototype of UFO) was done around February 2009 with success.

I will follow up my step by step video how to build this small prototype for you to make it as a weekend project.

And my hope was…. there will be full scale of flying vehicle in the near future using my only published video.

Hope this will explain your curiosity.


Deacken Frost