At first, all anti-gravity equation were originated from Lorentz Force equation. The force that being create was a cross product between electric current and magnetic field. A simplest equation to understand will be as below:



F = Force, measured in newtons
I = Current in wire, measured in amperes
B = Magnetic field vector, measured in teslas
X = Vector cross product
L = A vector, whose magnitude is the length of wire (measured in metres), and whose direction is along the wire, aligned with the direction of conventional current flow.

By referring image above, if an electrical wire which carries electrical current goes into magnetic field, the wire will create a force that push to 90 degree from the magnetic field.

I explain this force because it was crucial for my anti-gravity theory. All my theory based on Lorentz force and the only different was instead using DC current and permanent magnet, I used dipole magnet and AC current.

I will explain more on next issues…