This is interesting….

In April 2009, I conduct one research in UFO and anti-gravity. I know in first entry once you told people that you conduct anti-gravity research, they will fired you, label you as a day dreamer and don’t wanna believe in your word even you did achieve something extra ordinary in your finding.

At the first glance, I don’t think that this blog worth million as I post it and I don’t think that my beloved reader will understand what I’m trying to explain inside my blog. I will try to explain in the lay-term so that my younger reader will understand what I’m trying to say.

It’s all begin with a book by Victor Grebennikov named “My World”. The original book being published in Russian and I did find the original re-type website of his book in the internet. Even though somebody did translate the book to English, I still re-translate the original Russian to English by Systrans Software.

Take off picture of Victor Grebennikov with his ‘Flying Platform’

For introduction, you can read about Victor Grebennikov ‘Flying Platform’ in the link given below:

Wikipedia About Victor Grebennikov
“My World” Chapter 5 on ‘The Flying Platform’

I will add up more of my finding so you can actually test it phase by phase..