At first I was in research of any product that can suppress appetite, which is I found the chemical called ‘phentermine’.

In Malaysia, this drug was widely known in commercial name such as Duromine, Ionamin, and Fastin. But bad news is, this weight loss drug was categories as prescription drug and cannot be sell to public (only can be issued by specialist). Even i cannot get it over the counter.

I know that slimming industries including weight loss pill was a good industries to get profit from.

So, the second rated weight-loss pill will be Proactol. Even though the slimming effect was slow (0.9kg every 2 weeks) but it was safe for consumption. The active ingredient for this chemical was extracted from cactus plant name ‘Opuntia Ficus Indica’.

The effect listed after research as below:
-Reduce weight 0.9kg for every 2 weeks.
-28% reduce of fat consumption
-Lowering blood cholesterol level.
-Suppressing appetite
-Decreasing food carving
-Reduce calorie body intake 450kJ/day
-Improve joint and flexibility.

*Standard consumption was 750mg per day per person

I planned to get this cactus and get the active ingredient for my own research. Maybe someday, I can increase the effectiveness to suppress appetite and get the result faster. Then we will back to weight loss business.