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Call it a hunch but it’s true. When your kids say something to you, try to listen and understand because it may not mean anything, but for them, it matters.

My daughter now 2 years and 9 month old, and for the past 2 days, she’s getting a fever. I never notice the symptoms’ because she just as active as she can be with her grandpa at my hometown (in Lumut).

When we driving back to Wangsa Maju yesterday’s evening, she starts to get feverish warm.. And I’m getting curious and asking my wife when she first develops this fever? My wife said, “Around two days ago..” and I said “What?!..I didn’t see that this past few days, why?”…

My wife starts to explain that she’s given Ibuprofen (Nurofen Brand) to my daughter every 4 to 6 hours, which she request some from my neighbor at my hometown. When we want to go back, my wife returns the bottles and after 4 to 5 hours from my daughter last dosage, she starts to become weak and develop the normal fever symptoms.

Nurofen 200ml

Nurofen (Ibuprofen) for children – Orange Flavor

This morning she continues on the fever and weak. We do not keep Ibuprofen in our fridge, the last time we had about 3 weeks ago – I finish it myself because it’s been too long since it last opened, 3 month ago.

On her weakness, my daughter said to me “Papa, want Orange!”

I thought the ‘Orange’ means her favorite orange flavor multivitamin that she used to take every day, so I give her that to her hands. Then, she calls her mum…

“Mama, take this…” while give her mum, the multivitamin, and I just baffled…

As the day progressed, I when to office (in the morning) and planned myself during lunch time, I when back to buy Ibuprofen as soon as I can.

When I arrived home, my daughter just as weak to her lowest peak and I said to my wife, take this (ibuprofen) and start give 5 milliliters (one teaspoon) dose to her as soon as possible.

In the first 10 minutes, my daughter starts gaining energy, sitting and say… “Mama, want doughnut”.. Her favorite breakfast, good thing is we still have it at our dining table. Give to her and she starts eating it…hungry probably.

In 15 to 20 minutes, she starts her own self again, active here and there, request youtube children song from our ipad mini and starts sing-a-long.

Then, I start to think, does this means, the ‘Orange’ that she requested is ‘Ibuprofen orange flavor’ not the usual ‘Multivitamin orange flavor’?

I still reminded myself, if her fever hit more than 3 (usual) days, I will take her to nearest hospital for further checking. And…

I need to listen to what my daughter actually said in days forward.


I’m not into detail of explaining my reverse engineering but I have some idea behind it. Mostly because of VSG (Viktor Stepanovich Grebennikov):

  • Using simplest form of construction which I need to think around 80’s what the common ‘cheap’ item to use and what possible material might work.
  • Possible generator or power supply that he use to activate his flying platform.
  • The wood plate that he uses is too thin to put most of known method of propulsion/flying.
  • Controlling method that been published, the Chinese Fan Blade, underneath his flying platform was not possible due to strict space underneath the wooden platform and funny angle that he show from his drawings.
  • The material that he use, of the famous blade, the design and other entity inside the box that attach the pole mostly questionable if we dig out from his book.

So my idea is consist of given point above, and I try to explain as we go along this publishment.

Mid 80’s construction.

I agreed that the wooden box was actually from, roughly rigid, old soviet microscope box with a dimension of 1’ x 2’ x 2”. And the thickness of each wood will be around ½” average.

My reverse engineering, wooden box was 8” x 16” x 1 ½” with thickness of 1/3” average. So my wooden platform was 4” smaller (from every angle) from original VSG flying plate. And this wooden plate was an electrical meter board, that in Malaysia, most likely around 80’s and 90’s still use for their electrical penal box. Nowadays, Malaysia board is using thin enclose metal box (sometime with lock) for better grounding and terminal protection.

two DSCF2850

The possible generator/power supply.

This is kind of tricky, because I need to take this idea into consideration first. Remember in 2nd July 2005, Stan Deyo giving some compelling fact (in his Ancient of Days #3) about UFO’s and antigravity. He did tell us about a story in late 50’s a guy in the air force did find antigravity. Below is some of his story.

“A navigator tells a story after handover a seal envelope to his friend a pilot, which inside envelope consists of the drawings and sketch of his antigravity experiment. In the drawing shows of three level of particle board, some washer, rod, and hook up to a frequency generator. When switch on – nothing happen.

But all of the sudden it lift off, and he amaze, the air underneath become a kind of grey jelly like. And then, he grabs a broom stick and start to play with the field. Afterward when he try to shut it down by disconnect the switch.

Unfortunately the circuit can’t shut down and continue on (with electric arc connected the circuit) until he use the same broom stick to check the field to smash the floating particle board and some huge electrical discharge going up and blast the nearby power transformer in the block.”

The other version that I read, just a few months ago, I found out that the person he refer (or the story kind of similar) and this person had a patent about his finding. And this person story as below.

“In 1967, he got some idea on figure out how Flying Saucer works, and he built a device and tests it in his garage. He built a small unit that can produce 150,000 Volt, thrown by the force field, create a loud bang, and blow his TV, his radio and a power transformer 150 pole from his resident.

And then he was call out on a business (maybe to be a navigator which continue on to Stan Deyo story), and when he gets back the squirrel was to blame (by the electric company) for the blown of the power transformer. The electric company fixes his TV and his radio because of the squirrel reason.

A few weeks later he achieve 500,000 volt with that device and all TV and radio around the neighborhood reported blinking and he goes around fixing the problems.”

Sound familiar? Coincident?  If only this was the same person, or the same event when been tell with different person, with 10 years off between the two insident date. This guy did explain the same story as Stan Deyo told based on a navigator story.

The good thing is this guy (he who not be named) did granted a US patent in 1978. After studies his patent, I think I know how his antigravity works and how this VSG antigravity platform should be work with the same princpal.

Too thin to put a rocket engine.

I try to fit anything to a wooden plate with thickness of 1 and a half inch, not possible. Even if I put high voltage coil, any controlling mechanism and even a stand of open close Chinese Fan small hinge also not successful, so I need to think of something out of the box, not in normal realm of standard physics.

The Chinese Fan – not an actual open and collapse fan.

After seeing VSG underneath picture, I conclude, for my personal reverse engineering, this was not a Chinese fan but rather a louver. The blind is not open and close in a single pole at all. But this blind is open and close (without collapsing) by each blind tilting from zero degree to 45 degree (maximum) in louver hinge like mechanism.

By making this blind (in zero degree) near the wooden box surface, the intensities of the rushing waves from upper atmosphere rushing through VSG and pushing the ground was high. And by tilting some of the blind up to 45 degree, these intensities of the rushing field will be gradually low and he began to land.

The left turn and right turn mechanism also depends on VSG controlling intensities of coordinated blind underneath his wooden platform.

right left turn

Still next to the question, I agree VSG using 4 point geometric pattern underneath his platform but where in the world he get this kind of pattern (in nature) anyway.

I know most probably, some of us did buy or use a powerful microscope, kill enough bug to check and understand how they fly by VSG CSE principal.

Well, VSG did tell the principal (in fragment) inside his book, and I think most of us just tend to ignore it.

Inside VSG book.

I did discuss with Francesco (my friend from Italy) about the c-shaped capacitor that may have some resemble to the picture in VSG book like:

  • His underneath plate (I highlight one of its plate)


  • His picture of ground bee (I highlight the c-shape cavity that VSG referring to)

honey bee

I think that both of this drawings shows that VSG using c-shape capacitor in his flying platform

As shown as below


His controlling method

I already notice that VSG have 4 perpendicular point of blade underneath his flying plate and can be notice in blow up picture below.

As shown as below


Now this design will be seen in my prototype below

  • The original design

theree DSCF2855

  • This will be the overall arrangement & design inside the wooden platform


  • The complete arrangement (based on my reverse engineering terminology) would looks like.

two DSCF2850

Although these reverse engineering still not finish, but the construction wise currently at 20%.

More to be completed soon and will publish more in future.

I think most of my fellow reader will ask, if this guy know so much about human physiology and how the brain function, let alone a lot of publishment about how to increase brain function, if we are born dumb, sorry to say that out loud, did not include TCDS in his review.

Well, I was getting to but, TCDS if compare with other type of brain function pill review was relatively new to the world, even this technology was develop around early 1900, it was use for crazy person, not to increase intellectual of a normal person.

So I personally getting some time to review it personally, from reading, developing the devices and then, make myself as human test subject expose to that device.

After 4 month later, because I started to test it from around end of December 2012, I’m now ready to share this information to the world.

For quick introduction, TCDS or Trans-Cranial Direct-Current Stimulation was a device, using low voltage electric current, around 1.25volt or less, and have output of less than 1 miliampere of direct current stimulate on skin surface of our head.

Take it as acupuncture for brain, using low current and voltage DC electric as extra stimulation, to stimulate brain, or massage the brain, to get what you want like, extra memory function, extra processing power, extra of what brain would do, which it normally doesn’t.

I did test it, in crude form, and I use postman rubber band, (the big one) to put around my head and use the probe, to stimulate my brain.

My favorite ‘acupuncture’ point at my head is T3 (cathode) and T4 (Anode) for savant learning and FP2 (cathode) and FP1 (anode) for extra memory. Well, at first I thought it was my belief that this thing work. But later, after each session of 25 minutes, I feel that this thing not just increasing my productivity but continue on giving me extra perception of idea.

Most of ‘savant learning’ does is detailing up each task into much higher accuracy which I could not achieve without it.

For extra memory, it does help, but because I use 1mA of current, that was too high, I cannot use it for long.

The probe that I use , more towards ‘direct-probe’ which will directly touch my skin with its multiple point of metal blunt needle, it’s not hurting me but as I use high current of 1mA, this probe did burn my skin after 25 minutes of use.

I think, direct probe did burn my skin in many occasion, so alternatively, I use wet kitchen tissue, split it in half for each probe, as pad, in between the probe and my skin. Only by that way, my skin is not burn and I can use it for longer period of time, let say, during my work task.

Because this device that I made is in its infancies, most of my colleague, my managers, and my bosses, did notice this device, all the wires gone to my head, the headband, while I trying to complete my task in front of my laptop, and they can’t help to ask “what is that thing at your head?”.

Then, I was just ended up explaining to them about TCDS, what this device capable and good for, and amongst other thing, I need to explain that I’ve been into this research almost 4 month and now is the phase of testing on human subject.

Most of them reply, very interesting and need to know the result soon. And some of them just say, be careful, all the wires and electrical circuit seems like dangerous.

During my test, I did encounter some minor spasm, more like contraction on the back or side neck if I move my head after more than 15 minutes into this stimulation. And after complete session of 25 minutes, I did notice that the effect can continue on for almost 4 to 6 hours afterward. And this means, only 25 minutes of wire and all, and near full days of memory or savant learning effect.

The downside of this device is, because of no current controlled knob, I use exposure duration as my limit of stimulation, means, the more current I need, the longer the session are, and the less current I need, the shorter duration of the session are.

And other additional thing that I encounter is, what should I call it anyway, ‘a flip-flop after effect’ on decision, as example, after each session, I take a chocolate bar out of the fridge, unwrap it, and I should throw away the wrap into dustbin, instead I throw away the wrap, I did throw away the chocolate into the dustbin. This only occur if I continue to think about a task (during my session) while doing other new task (without focus on the new task) and do it twice as fast from normal without TCDS interference. Means, if it’s a new task, I do it in normal speed, and focus on the new task rather than the old one, this problem will not happen at all.

I also think that, if let say we use ‘memory’ stimulation, after 25 minutes, I continue on ‘savant learning’ stimulation, TCDS was not helping to get both, it only helping to get on the current session only.

Previously I did think about make a multiple probe to my head, stimulate different section of my head, to make average or multi capability of my brain, now seems impossible task. I think, it was because, our brain use different section to different task, to activate overall to a specific task not heighted the brain power, means, TCDS, for certain task, only can use on certain probe location only.

So for this infancy review, I can conclude:

  • To hide the device into smaller device and the probe to be installed on a normal design baseball cap, so while using it, nobody will notice that I actually increase my brain power.
  • Seems the idea of lowering the ampere from 1mA is a good idea and can use it longer stimulation session, so maybe putting a knob is not a bad idea after all.
  • And this knob idea also reduces spasm that I encounter with 1mA, or each time I turn my neck. (this neck spasm thing just occur in first 15 minutes of each session ended, not a permanent thing)
  • Multiple probes so far is a bad idea, but I did read a development of High Definition Probe to exactly specify region point of each task, even it was still in a specific task, for now, just stick with one task only as solution to each problem.

One thing I can share for this publishment is, if I use savant learning session to complete my task, during completing that task I explore until minor detail available to get things right, once complete that task and that session, if anyone ask me about how I did complete the task? Well, the answer will be too detail until all of my managers and bosses just skip ahead and say, well you know what you’d doing, and I hope you can explain all of this to others that understand what you talking about.

In that case, I can conclude, TCDS did help me completing a complex task, and at the same time, make other that yourself impress on the level of detail that you know to complete it.

I leave a link of TCDS research from all over the world, in means of ‘savant learning’ that I did mention throughout this blog.


This was based from a true story and all the data exposed from this claim was true at time and place when it was taken.

In 12Jan13 (Saturday), my friend named Mohd Khairul Ishak was starting the have fever. He was thought it was a normal fever. He did go to clinic and clinic gave him fever pill and some pain killer.

In 14Jan13 (Monday), the fever was not subside and he chooses to go to a different clinic and may request to recheck again on possibility of dengue fever, again, the other clinic just gave him fever pills and did recommended him to go again to check with hospital for dengue blood check.

On 15Jan13 (Tuesday), he visit Hospital Ampang at Pandan Indah Kuala Lumpur to do the blood test and in morning he was positively taken as having dengue fever. This blood platelet counted 8.4 at that time, which is, below than 10.0 was positively identify as dengue. Then, he was admitted to ward number A331.

On 16Jan13 (Wednesday), his blood platelet counted 6.2, and his health become worst and worst by the day…

On 17Jan13 (Thursday) his blood platelet counted 5.4, and I immediately sense that he not taking too much water. Based on my experience in 2004 when I have dengue fever, the blood platelet count will go down too fast and it can only be slow down by taking much water.

The hospital recommended him to take 100 plus, which eventually he vomit, so on that Thursday, I recommended him (as I was before) taking chrysanthemum tea drink. This drink will reduce vomiting thus given him much water inside his body during the process.

As he said, chrysanthemum tea drink DID NOT induce vomit as 100 plus does!

On 18Jan13 (Friday), his blood platelet counted 5.2, and I started to heard most of my work colleague recommended me to make crab soup and give him. They most certainly believe that crab soup can CURE dengue fever, based from their personal experience or advice from others before them.

That afternoon, I search frozen crab and started to make the soup.

That evening I visit him and make him to finish a bowl of soup.


On 19Jan13 (Saturday), he was happily SMS me that his blood platelet counted that morning was come up to 8.2 and he’s beginning to believe it was from the crab soup. I really amaze of this news. And this was achieve without any other medicine except his saline water injection, normal hospital diet and chrysanthemum tea.

On 20Jan13 (Sunday), his blood platelet was counted 10.8 and no other symptoms as dengue fever at all. He was fully cured.

On 21Jan13 (Monday) he officially discharge from Hospital Ampang Pandan Indah Kuala Lumpur.

This was the graph that shows his admission and discharge blood count.


The question now, what was inside crab soup, miracle enough to cure dengue fever almost immediately in one bowl?

I brought L-Rider LamboV4 e-cig vaporizer in 09Feb13 (Saturday). The price was RM300 plus additional bigger ViviNova tank which I think it worth it. But last night (14Feb13 – Wednesday night), this LamboV4 starts to blinking and not firing. Something had happened.

As the seller said this deal include ‘warranty for the first 2 weeks’, I made up my mind to see the seller again during this weekend.

But, last night, when the things happened, I still 3 days from weekend. And I already decided that I will not smoke normal cigarette as New Year 2013 resolution. So I come out with some ingenious (sort of) idea using my DIY knowledge to get e-cig without spending any more money.

The item was:

  • Original vapor tank from ViviNova.
  • 18650 3.7Volt 1800mAh rechargeable battery (originally from L-Rider LamboV4)
  • Plastic cap, taken somewhere laying around my house.
  • Micro switch (which I buy for my electronic project from Jalan Pasar)
  • Some speaker wire and masking tape.

Lambo V4 Modified 1

Picture 138 edit

The assembly is simple. Please note that battery polarity (positive and negative) and vapor tank connector socket polarity (positive and negative) as picture given previously.

The original idea was, to get connected from positive terminal of the battery to the positive terminal of the vapor tank socket and negative to the negative one.

As it was tested (without soldering) the vapor tank and the battery works and I decided to proceed to the next phase, putting switch and plastic cap to the battery.

This was the final assembly and the connection was:

  • From positive terminal of the battery touch the positive terminal of the vapor tank and hold by the plastic cap.
  • From negative terminal of the vapor tank soldered to micro switch and goes to negative terminal of the battery.

As all been soldered and assemble, just press the micro switch to get the flavored vapor.

Picture 144 edit

Picture 143 edit

Picture 142 edit

Currently, the assembly still crude and simplified in order to show everybody how simple the things are made. I plan this for temporary use only. My next move is to get my warranty of the broken L-rider LamboV4, and refined this crude assembly for future use.

I’ve buy mine (starter pack which cost me around RM95) to test e-cig. Last time I did have e-cig (the cheap one) but broken which eventually leads me to stick with real cigarette.

In comparison of real cigarette (mine is Dunhill), e-cig, nicotine patch and nicotine lozenges, there will be some different but still do the same job as I will discuss in this blog publishment.

Firstly, my body was indeed addicted to nicotine. As nicotine triggers the level of dopamine, which is essential to my creativity and different way of thinking, I do need the boost of nicotine in my blood around two hour relapses.

As traditionally, I smoke real cigarette heavily, after almost 10 to 12 years, the real cigarette slowly take toll to my health. Once I have baby, the needed to smoke become more but at the same time must be separated to avoid second hand smoke to my baby. So, I try alternative method like using nicotine lozenges, but these things better in helping me if I want to quit smoking and separate me from getting nicotine on my blood.

The thing is, I want to get nicotine, not stop getting it. Nicotine lozenges also have one downside like, if you started to take it (mostly a big chunk of pills) you will wait until it melt in your mouth until its gone, or else, when you speak, it seems like you taking sweet while talking to somebody which in some traditions, will be un-appropriate.

Next method is using nicotine patch, which like having nicotine lozenges, but not in your mouth. I see something different when I’ve using one which sometime you cannot control the intake except by cutting the patch into smaller pieces and stick it again.

Sometime, the same patch can be reuse with lower doses which (not preferred by the manufacture) will cut the cost of buying it in the first place. And some other time, the used-patch placed all over my bathroom, which I planning to re-use, and I keep on buying stock at pharmacy.

Even it was good in most of the criteria, in supplying nicotine to my blood, it was itchy and you will have remaining glue stick to your skin which sometime not easily to remove.

Then I try e-cig, Vivi Nova, currently in starter pack….

It was flawless at first when I try to use HangSen (HS) E-liquid, but when I mix some flavor without brand name from Jalan Pasar & Danau Kota, I started to feel the overdose of nicotine punch….

After that I try change back to HangSen (HS) brand with some mix of hi-nicotine no brand flavor to balance up the nicotine punch then it was balance again in my blood.

Now, I did heard that Malaysian Government try to banned the import of e-liquid for e-cig, it was devastated news for me because it will make this e-cig liquid goes expensive…

In my opinion, the banned issue was because Malaysian Government cannot enforce tax to this e-liquid like normal cigarette, nicotine patch and lozenges.

The good thing is, one day, the Government will lift out the banned with single source (maybe multiple) supplier of e-liquid and this e-liquid will come with taxed price…

Means, some day, e-liquid will be controlled items and from the original price of RM15 for 11ml will goes to RM21 to RM36 after tax (because currently tobacco tax in 2012 was 68.57%).

And I’m not sure there will be illegal smuggling of e-liquid in Malaysian Law in the future…

I hope not…please….

To smoke e-cig was like mas-tur-bate instead of the ‘real thing’…but still feels like the same thing if you can imagine the ‘real thing’ in your mind….at least you ‘pretending’ to feel it…

Good luck on somebody new who want to try & test the e-cig…and by the way, the starter pack may cost you fortune, but it was worth it if you start to feel comfortable with it….

I know some of Malaysian suffers Rib Cage Sharp Pain, specifically Right Rib Cage excruciating yet sharp pain when deep breathing (inhale/exhale). This diagnosis based on my own experience dealing with this pain and how I found out the cause and solution to deal with it.

Let me tell you a little bit about my bad habit. I’m a smoker, around 12 to 15 cigarette per day. Been increase lately because of I use cigarette as a reward of any small/big achievement or as comforter to any problems that I face. (Please don’t put comment on stop smoking, because to the one who smoke, they do know what long life achievement they already get by being smokers). But my cough (which eventually inherit side effect of being smokers) had caught up with me and I feel something like mucus had building up inside my lung.

To expel the mucus, I take mucosolvant one tablet every 4 to 8 hours (with sometime additional cough expectorant) which sufficiently able to make the mucus expel easily from my lungs as they keep on building up. And this activity goes around continuously about a week.

One rainy night, my room temperature plunge down to cold zone and to expel the mucus (by coughing it out) become harder and harder. This when the rib cage sharp pain from my right side of the lung started to attack me and the pain is unbearable in every breath I take.

It started from my lower right diaphragm and goes to near center of my right lung. And the coughing still continued to worse. Every time I try to inhale deep, hold my breath, coughing, sneeze, or hick-up the pain is unimaginable.

When come morning, when I woke up, the sharp pain seems to shift to my upper right lung and the same or yet worse pain goes when I try to inhale deep, hold my breath, coughing, sneeze, or hick-up. In my mind I imagine the worse like lung inflammation, pleurisy, tuberculosis, pneumonia, pneumothorax and worse possible lung cancer!

As the cough not go away, more towards shortness of breath because of the pain, I start to show lack of oxygen symptoms like feeling dizzy and bluish finger. I had a long stare at my wife and my baby thinking I may not see them at my old age. You will see the God is too big and God plan seems not preferred yours at all.

Then, I decided to see doctor for x-ray and other diagnostic possible to get to the bottom of this. Even I afraid of the worst result like lung cancer; I must face it because the sharp pain now taking my optimum performance even to breathe. 

After the doctor go with the diagnostic and x-ray, the doctor become clueless because there’s no direct indicator to every list of lung problems. And the doctor start to blame of my smoking habits and taking mix of medicine which in his/her thought might course the immediate problems. 

I end up getting (again) cough expectorant, some must finish antibiotic, and mucus expel solutions to get rid my cough problem. To me, the cough may cause the problem, but the sharp pain related to what? And the doctor had no idea. 

Same goes to second doctor, with nearly same diagnostic and x-ray, and nearly the same medicine supply. The blame goes to (again) my smoking problems. (Some doctors don’t want to admit that they do not know on something) 

Feeling unsatisfied, I go to internet and dig down to the root cause of the problem. I seems like there’s some website like below give the same clue, but with no apparent solutions. You may take the time to read if you need more info on this “rib cage sharp pain” and I may warn you that there’s no direct solution in this website. And the pain still here and my breath become shorter and shorter every hour. 

The link to the website

But then I found one internet doctor had found the solution to the problem. His internet name is ‘Dr. A. Madia’ from India. From his post comment on 2006, he said it was cause by small injury (from very hard coughing) to the ‘intercostals muscles of the thoracic cage’. 

And his solution was:

1)      Ponstan (Mefenamic Acid) 500mg 2 to 3 times a day. (or)

2)      Nurofen (Ibuprofen) 400mg 2 to 3 times a day.

At first, I take one Ponstan, and amazingly, the sharp pain seems to disappear after 5 to 15 minutes after taking it. And this  amazing discovery (for me it’s too amazing) taking me to challenge my lung to take as deep breath as I can take and what surprises me no pain at all. Even by holding my breath and inflate my lung with extra pressure. Even my cough seems to minimize. No pain at all. Fast and Amazing! 

And because of that’s the last Ponstan, I kept from before because of my wisdom teeth surgery 3 months ago, I go to any pharmacy to get some personal supply. Eventually, most of pharmacies in Malaysia during this time (in publishment of this article) have some problem to order stock from manufacturer. 

Alternatively, I ask for Ibuprofen with trade name Nurofen. Same thing happen after taking one tablet for the first 5 to 15 minutes, the pain disappear. Again…just amazing! 

Both of the tablets (Ponstan/Ibuprofen) manage to get the pain gone for amazingly 12 hours in one tablet. 

To get further challenge (in the name of science), I try again to smoke, and the result was no pain, no hard cough, even mucus easily to expel from my lung during smoking. 

For me, there’s no direct solution to muscle injury except 3 to 7 days rest on the injury zone with good and healthy diet. But if its related to something that move a lot like your own lung, this two pain-killer might manage to subside the excruciating pain. 

Some doctor might find this was a temporary solution to the original problems because the original problem was the cough itself. And I agreed. But for me, to minimized the pain eventually heals the ‘intercostals muscles of the thoracic cage’ in some period of time and with some other medicine like cough expectorant, some must finish antibiotic, and mucus expel solutions, without the sharp pain, was even better with the unbearable pain. 

So, my (manageable) final solution, get x-ray to get first opinion from doctor. Who knows you actually have genuine lung problems or cancer. But if there was no apparent problem beside hard coughing, get cough expectorant, antibiotic and mucus expel solution from the doctor and ask extra for either Ponstan or Ibuprofen to manage the pain and healing rib cage muscle period.

I hope this helps Malaysian who smoke or non smoker and have similar problems in the future. 

Waiting for some positive comment (and not stop smoking comment please).


From  Josh Da Paci,

Dear DeackenZ,

You will barely get anything from that, imagine i put two plates distant more and more from each other, the capacity you will get will be less and less , because the electric field cannot extend endlessly from a plate to another, there is an effect called border or fringe effect which makes the field collapse nearer the plate itself.

The extra ‘energy’ as you call is put by you moving the plates closer or nearer. Note that you aren’t creating energy you are raising or lowering the capacitor’s capacity, the limit is the maximum distance above that, the formula q=c/v won’t be of any significance.

Hi Josh,

There’s one part of Maxwell 20th Equations mention about ‘Displacement Current’. And this equation never been teach(or dismissed) into physics because of most physicist doesn’t believe in Aether Medium. Even right now everybody that understands the mechanism of ‘Displacement Current’ is simply Electric field distort inside dielectric medium, why we still have value of ‘epsilon not’ (permittivity) in vacuum which suppose to have zero value in vacuum? Which still in question until this day don’t you agreed?

The statement that ‘epsilon not’ (permittivity) still have value of 8.85 x 10^(-12) shows that in some respect, vacuum medium have initial dielectric value, and this dielectric value was being use to transmit electromagnetic wave (or radio wave) by 3khz and above frequency due to displacement current polarization.

The idea of moving plate capacitor is related to displacement current rather than a simple capacitor plate. In High Voltage at one plate, the electric fields were generating rather high value, and the displacements current also have rather high value. On one time when the plate near to each other, the displacement current creating attraction to all metal ion in another plate, thus make the other plate opposite in plate charge.

After polarization of the other plate is complete (in other word fully charge), the first plate is move further and further from the polarized (second) plate. This will make the polarization to the other plate increase thus make more charge cumulate in it. The accumulation of increased charge must be drain for further of use, and make the second plate back to zero. And the whole process restarts again and again.

I complete these studies by using multiple point of electrets material on one side of the plate and just a multiple point copper metal plate on the other. The design was two round plate sandwich (with some acceptable gap) into one and other and only the plate that have electrets (with multiple point) will be spinning.  Every time that the electrets point passes the metal point in the other plate, the metal becomes polarized and free electric is generated.

The nearest design that you may try to imagine of my explanations design above was Swiss Testatika device with additional multiple point electrets in the other part of the first plate.  

May I remind you that this electric was high voltage so in ‘charge collector’ (which is high voltage capacitor) must undergo a series of other circuit to make it useable low voltage such as charging batteries.

In conclusion, to create free energy, both plates still relate to how high the displacement current in neutral metal plate and how fast the other two plates separated after polarized.

Hope you may start to explore displacement current and polarization of dielectric in Maxwell 20th equation (not the four electromagnetic Maxwell equation only) as you try to explain in you comment.

I’ve been into Modafinil for almost 2 weeks now and my newborn baby going to 2 month and 5 days. She in my home now at Kuala Lumpur for almost 2 weeks and I please to tell my fellow reader that Modafinil actually help me to balance my sleep and wake up time like a miracle.

I can tell you all that Modafinil come at the right time and the right moment of my life.

Yes, the idea of taking Modafinil comes from the movie “Limitless” – which is a story of an average person, pops up a pill and become genius, rich and powerful. I know that this story quite related to the person who taking meth (ice/shabu), but one question did raised to myself, what if there’s a type of medicine/chemical out there that have same or similar effect but less or no side-effect to the users?


And then, bam! Modafinil score the highest rating of all of my vote. The outcome of that problem is, in Malaysia, not a single pharmacy do sell or have Modafinil.

Let me tell you what Modafinil is and what my personal experience can tell you before-hand you decide to grab one of these pills and try it yourself…

Chemical content of Modafinil is (±)-2-(benzhydrylsulfinyl)acetamide. It was preferred medicine for mood-brightening and memory-enhancing psycho-stimulant which enhances wakefulness and vigilance.

It help the inner core brain (hypothalamic) increase a neurotransmitter called Histamine to promoting wakefulness feeling to you. On side it also contain 2-benzene with hydroxyl side group named catecholamine, ‘later can be synthesis’ to other monoamine neurotransmitter such as Noadrenaline, Adrenaline, Dopamine, and Serotonin.

I remain confirm on the word ‘later can be synthesis’ because that’s what I get when I take Modafinil, no effect unless you want it, then it will be synthesis (inside your brain) to you on your command.

Don’t make this introduction frighten you because it will not make you feel dizzy, woozy, lightheaded or drugged like taking alcohol or illegal drug.

I actually preferred modafinil because it helps me on:
a) Stay wake up for nearly 15 hours after taking. Even only half a pill of 200mg.
b) Improve my working, spatial, permanent or long buried memory.
c) Speed up my digit span, digit manipulation, pattern recognition, analytical and logical thinking.
d) Truly helping me on being patient of certain/stressful issues which I’m truly not.
e) And have multi-tasking brain working effect.


I can assure my fellow reader that; Modafinil has little or no side effect except (maybe) ‘dependency’. Don’t get confuse on ‘addiction’ with ‘dependency’ because, even though both have the same outcome like, you cannot live without it, but ‘addiction’ is once you decided to reduce or stops, the rebound effect like withdrawal symptoms will haunting you.

In ‘dependency’, you can stop whenever you want with no rebound effect at all, but, your next day will create the same old self you before taking Modafinil.

My first idea into this, what if, I can flood neurotransmitter inside my brain with caution that I will find the latest technology available in the market to get me into that level without harming myself.

I think, everyone will agree with me if, I tell all that when your brain has all the neurotransmitter needed to do every single task on every day ahead, better than you don’t have sufficient neurotransmitter when you need one…

I still using nootropil, lecithin, amino acids such as L-cysteine, L-glutamine, L-methionine, L-tyrosine and vitamin B complex (which I get from Junior Memorex product), and ginkgo biloba (from Memorex product). Now in additional to these brain booster administrations, I put also Modafinil on the list.

As far as I know, we have:
a) 5 major amino acid neurotransmitter namely glutamate, aspartate, D-serine, gamma-aminobutyric acid, and glycine.
b) 5 major monoamines namely dopamine, neradrenaline, adrenaline, histamine and serotonin
c) 3 major other categories of neurotransmitter namely acetylcholine, adenosine and endorphin.

Anyway, based from above regime, I did manage to supply 8 out of 13 major neurotransmitter in above listed group. That’s as far as I can get now legally to support the improvement of my future life.

The only reminder that I can give to you, if you can actually manage to get your brain supplied like mine is, do not get hungry and no alcohol when you into these medicines.

Next published, I will give the order and recurrences on taking the above list of pills to get on the top of performance because each one of these pills have standard half-life inside your blood stream. The powers of each individual pill gradually decrease after exceed their standard half-life…

Until then, thank you.

Received on 05May11, 6.00am
Hi Deacken,

I’ve seen your site, nice work!
Can you please show me a scheme about the driver circuit for the vortex coil?
I’ve built a 12vdc inverter that produces 170vac; it’s a 555 timer circuit that drives a step-up transformer.
I’ve tested it with a vortex coil that I’ve built following your video on youtube, but it doesn’t seem to work, no force is generated.
Where am I wrong?
May it be good for this purpose?
I’ve been searching for years without results about electro-gravity and electrets, now I see an open window with your words, please help me!
Thanks for your time

Francesco (from Italy)

Replied on 05May11 3.00pm
Hi there Francesco,

At first, I read some books that shifted my belief that UFO is not from alien origin at all!

Next stage was to explore from my physics point of view how possible to build my personal UFO with my background in Pure Physics Degree. Only one answer was coming to my mind during all these years…MHD (Magneto Hydro Dynamic)

Then, in 2007 I did read about Victor Grebennikov of his flying plate from Russia. After explore most of you tuber believe of his flying plate using only chitin and not required any electric (which is delivered by video of Jerry Decker), it took me 2 years to experiment with Cavernous Structure Effect (CSE) and any possible geometric shape that produce CSE. Just plain stupid!

Then in November 2008, I did visualized of Vortex Magnetic Field produced by vortex coil (like the one that I published up inside you tube in my name) and by “combining” Magnetic and Electric field together (Lorentz force), I did produce MHD in small scale.

Good things that you did complete the vortex coil, but the vortex coil only produces Magnetic Field in center hole Vortex direction. AC only make the Vortex direction goes from right to left and up and down direction….remember you only produce AC Vortex Magnetic Field with my vortex coil.

The next part that you missing was the High Voltage Electric Field which consist of 2 aluminum plate which will cover up your Vortex coil.

To step up the voltage to high voltage, I’m using small spark plug coil from Yamaha motorcycle.

The connection from battery to 12VDC inverter (only positive AC wire) to vortex coil to step up spark plug coil to aluminum plate. Then, on natural wire from 12VDC inverter will be terminate back to negative of the battery.

Remember to visualized the Magnetic and Electric Field on top of each aluminum plate surface because only the combining force field will produce the MHD anti-gravity effect.

Additional notes: when commissioning, please put the aluminum surface with wooden stand (2 inch in height) because High Voltage spark might jump from aluminum surface to the table and discharge the overall electric field which been produce just above the aluminum surface.

Finally, my complete commissioning of this item (small prototype of UFO) was done around February 2009 with success.

I will follow up my step by step video how to build this small prototype for you to make it as a weekend project.

And my hope was…. there will be full scale of flying vehicle in the near future using my only published video.

Hope this will explain your curiosity.


Deacken Frost